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What was you favorite game of the Zelda series?

Phantom Hourglass 0.048387096774194 4.8% [ 21 ]
Twilight Princess 0.20046082949309 20.0% [ 87 ]
A Link To The Past 0.04147465437788 4.1% [ 18 ]
Link's Awakening 0.025345622119816 2.5% [ 11 ]
Ocarina of Time 0.24654377880184 24.7% [ 107 ]
Majora's Mask 0.078341013824885 7.8% [ 34 ]
Oracle of Seasons 0.018433179723502 1.8% [ 8 ]
Oracle of Ages 0.011520737327189 1.2% [ 5 ]
Wind Waker 0.076036866359447 7.6% [ 33 ]
All of them and the ones you didn't put 0.25345622119816 25.3% [ 110 ]
Total Votes:[ 434 ]
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:sad face: Where is the minish cap?
Skyward Sword!

... OMG, I can't wait!!
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i can't wait for that game, i'm really curious to see how the storyline plays out for this one in conjunction with the other games.
I have all the Zelda games, its a tough call but I would say OoT then Link to the Past. Twilight Princess was awesome though, because it was a move up from Wind Waker graphics, but I am super excited for Skyward Sword.
I liked OoT and Majora's Mask the best, honestly, though I also liked Twilight Princess. The wolf mechanics were the only thing that I wasn't completely fond of, though ):

And Navi isn't that best. She does her job and gives you some pretty good information razz
Maybe its just me but the one's involving the DS have kinda gone downhill. Don't get me wrong i loved them but something felt different...
xD I agree you rabid Zelda was useless at moments D:
Navi is more helpful then Midna(don't know if I spelled her name right)

Thnx for posting keep on posting
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The Minish Cap was actually my favorite one. heart

Syble CB
:sad face: Where is the minish cap?
They were great games, and I cannot wait to get this new one =)
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ive only played like four of them. cuz im broke and cant afford new game systems
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I want the OoT remake on the shiny-new 3DS that i'm getting my brother for christmas.
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Dangerous Visionary

Majora's Mask is my fave! Mostly because you can rechallenge the bosses but I love every other Zelda game too! xd

But the one major flaw of OoT, and I'm sure you'll agree too:
"Hey! Listen!"
"Hey! Listen!"
"Hey! Listen!"
"Hey! Listen!"
"Hey! Listen!"
"Hey! Listen!"
"Hey! Listen!"
"Hey! Listen!"
"Hey! Listen!"
"Hey! Listen!"
"Hey! Listen!"
"Hey! Listen!"

Yeah, at first it wasn't so bad, but after an hour I crushed my controller.

I feel like Majora's Mask was under appreciated. I thought it was a great follow up to OoT, it had great music too!

I did the same thing and because of that I was punished for a two weeks. Oh and then my grade drops so my mom didn't buy me MM so I'll never know how great that game was. crying
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I really want Skyward Sword. The fact that I don't have a Wii is finally bothering me. D:

I couldn't decide between Majora's Mask and The Wind Waker for that poll option. gonk
Majora's Mask was so underappreciated. And it bothers me when people say they didn't like it when they didn't even get past the first day. In my opinion, it was a lot more fun than Ocarina of Time. I still find myself going back to it and playing in Clock Town when I'm bored. xD

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YAY! Another Zelda Game.
dramallama dramallama dramallama
Neko _Itachi_mew
I like all the games i played and i cant wait for Skyward to come out

oh their are zelda characters also came out in SSBB again ^^ which is super fun

all the games are fun i just havent played the gameboy games cuse they always freeze

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Your so cool i cant wait either!!!!!! heart

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