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i am thinking of buying it, but critics have it
a 6.5 out of 10. is anyone else thing this is
a bunch of BS? the trailers for the game look
awesome and the gameplay looks awesomer.
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I'm playing it right now. Almost done beating the game. It's a great game, has a lot of cool new battle features and hidden stuff. Almost about to unlock the secret video too. Its a continuation of what happened after KH II. If you enjoyed 358/2 days you'll like this game. It has some scenes of BBS in it as well when you start the game.
it looks like a pretty good game.
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It's a fun game. I'm playing it now. It's a lot better than KH 358/2 Days. I liked 358/2 Days but I didn't like playing as Roxas. I never cared for playing his character even in KH2. However in Recoded, you get to play as Sora again. biggrin So far, it really feels like I'm playing the original game only in portable form.
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Not gonna buy it, just looks like a KH1 port from the PS2 to the DS. Now KH3 on the other hand. >_>
@ OMFG Jesus: Thank you. with it having "RE:" In the title i was thinking it was just another remake like Re: Chain of Memories. Now I think i'll have to get it once i finish Birth By Sleep.
I was wondering what it was like, too. I'm like an uber Kingdom Hearts fan, and I have all the games, but I didn't know if Re:Coded was any good. It seemed like it would be alright, but with all the positive reviews you guys are giving it, I'll definately have to go and get it as soon as I finish Birth By Sleep biggrin
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Well you have to understand that Jiminy's journal is the place your really running around in. so of course its going to be like KH1 the whole point of the game was to restore the Journal (in KH2 the journal is blank with only "thank Namine" in it) so mickey and Co. diecide to fix the book. they have a Data Sora go run around in it to fix the book. while there is alot of things similer to kh1 its still not the EXACT same.

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