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Def here for this! Version B or something like this is something I would like.
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Thanks for the feedback.

It's apparent that people like the flexibility of being able to play any time. I think for the first tournament it will boil down to something like this:

- there will be a special page (probably a really crappy looking page, at the beginning)
- there will be a list of people that are a) online and b) in the tournament that you can challenge
- challenges pop up as a notification when you're in the lobby or tournament page
- tournament winners will be based on the leaders through elo ranking
- every game you play also gives you one additional chance in a lottery that is done at the end of the tournament

The tournament would run over three days, probably Friday to Sunday or somesuch.
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And its a standard tournament where one lose means you're kicked out of the tournament or that you just lose a ranking and can still challenge people?

Please give us a week heads up. 4laugh
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I like the latest idea. c:
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Can't wait for this to happen
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Hum, interesting. So, let's see what it happens!
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I like idea B because of the time difference ( live in europe)
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i would love to join a tournament!!
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so version B is like version A but instead of 3 hours is 3 days
I'm liking option C o -o but who wouldn't love a Mortal Kombat tournament style? biggrin
i love hahahahahahaha
I hope they do this on a weekend.

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B is the best of all definively, but i would like more ideias

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