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SHORT TERM (next month):
- card tweaks for balancing
- fixing glitches -- should get to no-reloads-required state
- campaign page + more campaigns + in-game changes for campaigns
- some client changes (i.e., full screen mode)
- Facebook nailed down
- some form of reward for daily play
- some form of reward for sustained play
- leaderboard improvements / additions

MEDIUM TERM (next two months):
- runes
- more campaigns
- some additional units

LONG TERM (next three months):
- marketplace
- more campaigns

WHEN WE GET TO IT (could be immediately, could be long term, depends on outside factors)
- chat in-game
- more achievements
- split out the PvP tiers more (related to how much traffic we have in there)
- possibly changes to pinning
- possibly changes to essence rewards
- 2v2 and 2vC play (need to do a technical eval on this, and there are some gameplay issues)

I'm pulling this together from multiple sources, and may have missed something that was discussed; let us know in the forums if there's something missing and we can get it added in the appropriate spot.