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Cerness the Skull
I like how Corwin responds to what Iona is saying during the tutorial, be great to have some other type of campaign or tutorial where Raykle or Death Dealer are speaking.
Death Dealer doesn't speak. He shows his opinion by slicing his opponent's head off.
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I was just now admitted to play the beta, and I found the tutorial to be highly satisfactory. It walked me through everything I needed to know, then left me to do what I wanted, which is good. I don't like 'helpful' text boxes constantly appearing every time you click something or move the mouse over something in a tutorial. Overall, it was well done and I enjoyed playing it a lot. For a beta, it's an incredibly well made game that reminds me of some very, very good games that are out there, while still retaining it's own unique vibe. Great job!
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ryry Kenny_McCormick ryry
much better, but could still go into a bit more detail about the different factions (Such as out-of-faction mana costs), essence, XP, and abilities. other than that, well done! 3nodding

I agree with this and what others have said, but with a different twist on it. I think there should be a second tutorial which is optional (in the help menu), that would explain a lot of the more advanced things in the game. Pretty much everything that people have said needs to be in this tutorial (properties, armageddon, final battle, and what kenny said in the quote etc.).

Also, I noticed 1 thing about the tutorial that should be fixed. It does mention there being 6 portals, but the entire map only has a total of 4. I feel that would be quite confusing, for someone actually looking for them.
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I just started, and I had to play through the tutorial twice in a row before ending up in the lobby. I'm not sure why, but after choosing my faction I had to start the tutorial over.
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A couple of things to mention:

*Explain which units move first in battle - it's important for strategy

*The bonus titles on character cards; they're not explained at all and I still have no idea what they do/how they affect battle.

*Explain what happens in a multi-battle scenario; it's not even mentioned in the tutorial, and it happens almost immediately in the next campaigns.

*Perhaps an explaination of spells/magic that are used on the movement/map page. No real information given about them, but they're used in other campaigns.

The tutorial is a GREAT first step; let's add in either a next level tutorial or a few other guided scenarios that touch on some of the more advanced features.
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In addition to what has been said here, I do not think that retreating was mentioned, nor the mana refund when your units die. If they were mentioned, I missed them.

Also, saying that you need 6 portals to win and then only having 4 portals in the tutorial match should be fixed. Even though it is a small map, you need 6 portals in there. It is said 6 is needed, so let there be 6 in the tutorial.

Guys, seriously... if there is a thread or a post around here that you don't like... leave it be. Spreading hate and trolling people has no place in this community. Certain people may have been in the wrong, but when you troll or hate on them you get in the wrong too. Don't prolong it or add to it; let it go. If it is blatant trolling, a misplaced thread or anything that violates the ToS, report it and move along. Don't feed the trolls and don't add to the hatred. This is a nice, clean and happy community. Please, don't dirty it.

I am Gavyn the Mighty and I approve of this message.
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I think the Tutorial explain the basic for the Battle System, but some concepts of the Game aren't well explained. Story is a point i didn't realize. The Trailer is a great way to understand it, but the concept of World isn't clear.

The Army Customization is something you must be introduced in a tutorial, i think. Something important like this must have a tutorial, or should be part of the current tutorial. I mean, the Tutorial can contain about battle system, as well as what can be done after by introducing the contents of the game menu.
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I am quite impressed with the fact the tutorial leaves you alone quite quickly, and lets you do your own thing at some point. I get quite fed up and bored with tutorials that go on and on - I'd much rather find out things for myself.

The new tutorial is efficient, good for informing new players, and not too long. Nice one!


A lot of the game mechanics are fairly self explanatory, and as long as there is a decent guide around and an active commuinity, I don't think you really need to go into indepth detail. Take pokemon for example - you work things out for yourself, but that is what makes it fun 3nodding And you can always use guides to learn about IVs (more complicated game mechanics in the game) etc.Unless you make a skip tutorial button, I'd recommend you keep the tutorial at it's current length.
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Can you tell me Function of
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Can you tell me Function of
This guide can.
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anyone can help? i play Match, but in my HOC profile, it don't appears
Very disappointed. Farmed easy to level 15 then tried my first PvP. Combat screen would not fully load leaving me to refresh. By the time the screen finally came up we were already in the second or third round of combat. After the third attempt the entire game froze up. Pretty graphics and all, but as boring as Monster Galaxy. Thanks but you can keep it. Going back to zOMG.
I've played it a couple of times now and it's pretty good. I have noticed though that the button to "undo" your last move is missing, so when I was trying to teach my friend how to play and I felt that he moved a unit on i's own when he shouldn't have really he was buggered.

I think it would be good though if new players were able to try out the different factions because it seems that a lot of people on the forums regret their first choice (not me by the way).
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Maybe you could add a mention that just like action points, mana doesn't carry over. (Though I don't know why it isn't; seems like it should be.)
I don't know what updates you did, but WOW! This is what I have to complain about: I try to move my army all at once and two or three stay behind and that has cost me every game. I end up not being able to take on 20 guys with 3. Also, my monsters attack for half of what they used too. I have purchased packs for CASH and rubies have ended up with basic cards. WHERE is the rare or better??? My monsters cost twice as much on a couple of games. Glitch? The bug report button does not work.. I graze for twice the number that I used too. And also, I have had an ENTIRE army taking turns first and killing me clear off and I am left with no one. Even when I use monsters with great speed. Also, my specials are not working. Also, as we speak, I am stuck in a game that never loaded. Cannot retreat and now cannot play. sad I LOVE this game. Please fix this!!!!!

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