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And another big one....

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Succubus x3 (also Starter Herald)
Dead Sun Minion x 6
Slaughter Wheel x 3
Cerness x 2
Nagle Mage x 5
Void Scarab x 3
Worm that Walks x 4
Stalker of Worlds x 3
Lightning Demon x 2
Lord of Ashes x 4
Death Dealer x1

Total Units = 36

Total Essence = 2959

I can't seem to draw out her entire army no matter how hard I try...
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Rogue Phoenix Fire
Oh! I forgot to mention this, but I had my first ever 2nd Krylyr sighting in Flamewing. It was a much more convincing glitch than I expected. They had different healths, their hexes could be hovered over on the map screen before battle and it showed a Krylyr on each hex. As suspected, it was just a glitch though as only one appeared on the final count. And the Krylyr at the home base never appeared in the final battle.


Ignore my Krylyr off to the side...
I'll add a disclaimer that the second may be a odd phantom glitch.

But did you report to Pan?

I have seen two of them as well, cant recall if I have ever fought them both before or not
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The Zerg Swarm came, as was foretold.

Listing my Belphegor run as celebration for being able to defeat the AI a few turns after it stopped summoning units (one of its last things on the map was an attuner on a mana well) for the first time.

-Succubus x2
-Nagle Mage x6
-Dead Sun Minion x8
-Lightning Demon x2
-Void Scarab x3
-Slaughter Wheel x3
-Lord of Ashes x4
-Cerness the Skull x3
-Stalker of Worlds x3
-Worm that Walks x4

38 units

3125 essence

And the Protoss, firstborn of the gods, rose to fight them.
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In light of some recent data (starting from Berry Sweet Promise on page 6 to Dread Archon on page 7), Zerakl The Queen/Crimson Queen Zerakl seems to have been definitely removed.

So, yeah, updated.
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Not sure if I'll personally go out and test the Campaign decks.

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