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What's a good way to make it yummy?

Besides peanut butter, that s**t makes me wanna barf.
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Nope. Nothing makes that smell and taste go away. The stringy-ness doesn't help either. Sorry.
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Mince it up to add to tuna salad, egg salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, scrambled eggs, omelets, stuffed mushrooms, meatloaf, stews, burgers, thick soups, and casseroles. HIDE IT WELL!

Edit: If I boil it, the stringiness goes away for me.
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You could always not eat celery...

According to Live Strong: "Celery provides a good source of vitamin A, vitamin K and folate."

You can get all of those from dark leafy greens like spinach or collards.
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It's good with a light vegetable dip.

Or you could just find a substitute. Are you looking for low calorie vegetables for snacking?
Here's a great Tuna Melt Recipe that uses finely chopped celery.

My sister and I use sour cream instead of mayo, because we don't like mayo. Chopping the celery and then cooking it really brings out the peppery flavor (yup, celery has flavor). Also try chopped/sliced celery as a great addition to stir fry.
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... I... love celery the way it is. cry
no, it's a horrid vegetable no matter what. ):
I understand some people do not like celery. For me, not to mention very tasty celery mixed in Tom Yam soup. Mmmmm .. delicious ...... ^ _ ^
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I hate celery too...
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I'll eat celery raw if I have something to dip it in, but I can't stand it cooked. Every piece of cooked celery I've ever eaten had just turned to mush. That's just gross. xp

I get my folate from spinach. 4laugh
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Eat cucumbers instead.
Cucumbers are another food that is mostly water and nutrients that happens to take more energy to digest than it actually has, therefore, like our nasty friend celery, it is negative calories.

I eat cucumbers to replace lettuces I don't care for on sandwiches, in salads, and cucumber water with citrus tastes pretty darn refreshing.
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If you like pickled stuff, you could try pickling it. :3
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Jazin Kay
What's a good way to make it yummy?

Besides peanut butter, that s**t makes me wanna barf.

Amen brotha/sista. I can't stand celery or anything that has celery in it. Trying to disguise the taste doesn't work for me.
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I happen to like sticking all sorts of things into peanut butter, including celery... >> But alas, you dislike peanut butter.

For celery, I like to use a little ranch salad dressing and grind up some pepper into it -- makes a nice semi-spiced dip!

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