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Can anyone suggest some cheap recipes? Maybe vegetarian or vegan ones as meat's so expensive these days?
What recipes are available depends on what utensils you have access to, but here are some tips to help you keep your food bill down.

Plan your meals week on week: an easy way to rack up food costs is to not have a weekly meal plan.

Bedrock recipes: this is one item that you make a lot of that you can put into a lot of recipes. For example, a large batch of beef bolognese sauce, divided into portions and frozen, can be made into cottage pie, lasagne, spaghetti bolognese and sloppy joes.

Buy seasonal: seasonal fruit and veggies are cheapest in season. Head down to tbe local market.

Buy whole, cut yourself: branching slightly from the bedrock, buying a whole piece of meat (be it a chicken, gammon, pork belly or beef joint) is cheaper for what you get than pre-cut portions. A roast chicken can be part of your Sunday dinner, a sandwich filling, added to salads, stir fries or pasta dishes. On top of that, you can use the bones to make stock, from which you could make chicken soup or gravy.

Eggs are cheap and versatile for sweet and savoury cooking. Boil them, scramble them, make an omelette, or use them for baking.

One thing to avoid: supermarket special offers. Unless you went in intending to buy it, and you will either freeze it or use it before it expires, do not take that offer.
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helpful information and it's kind of great way to choose... i am student too..and i fulfill my nutrition by consume some carbohidrate, padi. protein likes soya bean cake, fish because i like fish a lot 3nodding and drink a milk before i start my daily actifities
a scramble eggs - cheap and nutritions
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oatmeal with a teaspoon of peanutbutter and a chopped banana in it. oh gawd. heart
Lots of soups! If your supermarket reduces the price of food that's due going out of date, pick it up, make soup that night from it then freeze portions!
Generally you can do this with all items, make meals at night and freeze them - great way of keeping costs down!
Some information about your cooking conditions might help.

Asian/indian stores have cheap veggies, rice, spices, seafood, and teas. Learn how to tell when things are bad or close to being bad.
Eggs can be pretty cheap, are great protein, and help with all kinds of cooking.
Stop being a brandwhore - store brand is your friend.
Cereals are a great way to get calories in, especially in school.
Shop the food label rather than the item. Look for protein and judge purchases by nutrition per weight per price.

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