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        like tonight for instance i made a stir fry with chicken thigh pieces cut up, four mushrooms, a carrot and bok choy as well as soy sauce
        don't know how but it tastes yum

        what about you guys? ever done a thrown together meal?
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Yea, I do these a lot.

I try not to waste food, since I'm on a budget. If I notice a have a bit of this and that to use up I'll often just toss something together.

Had mixed vegetables (corn, potato, turnip) and a small serving of beef in a tomato base the other night. Yummy.

And had stirfried beef cooked with soy sauce, brown sugar, cherry butter (thick jam), ginger, onions and rice vinegar. So, it was basically a slightly fruit teriyaki. Served with a side of mixed vegetables. It was actually pretty awesome.

My boyfriend brought home a good sized portion of peppery roast beef from his work (they had discontinued the item and the boss asked if he wanted it). I slow cooked it with barley and what vegetables I had on hand and it was godly.
I love throwing together things! My mom usually has leftover ingredients after she's done cooking, so I just take those and put things together. It's nice just having a bunch of raw ingredients laying around, so when you're feeling hungry and creative, you can throw things together.

I loooove making soups, I like taking some beef stock, and throwing in chunks of beef, some celery, toooons of potatoes, corn, lots of onions and a plethora of herbs (we have a lot of random spices, so like experimenting and throwing random herbs in).

When I crave something different, I just take those same ingredients, but instead, add curry blocks to make curry.
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All. The. Time.
I'm horrible at planning.
& then end up throwing everything that's about to got bad together.
Ham & apples is pretty yum!
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haha yay I'm glad I'm not the only one to throw meals together. I find the ones suggested on recipe planning websites call for more...expensive ingrediants than I can afford so veto those or add in my own variation xD
I've found the throw together stir fry actually really amazing and made it another three times with small variations owo the soy sauce just makes it taste amazing, I reckon I could have just rice with it and I'd still be drooling
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Yeah when you live on your own and have a tight budget you tend to throw a lot of things together lol. Usually turns out great!

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