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You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one, one will be provided by the courts.
Why is this a right when it costs money?
Why are we taxpayers providing for the poor and homeless to be protected in courts?

Oh, because working together to do what's best for our society helps it to thrive.
I forgot about that.
And governments serve to protect the people.
Not just from other governments and itself, but from each other.
Which is why you can go to prison for attempted murder.
That costs us money, as well.

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unfortunately, people in today's society have been indoctrinated beyond belief.

they have this understanding that the government is there to save you, when that is NOT the purpose of our government. our country was founded upon the basis of democracy. not socialism, which we have been dealing with since obama was elected into office.

those people who want health insurance should get a job and pay for it, just like everyone else. if you want to be a f**king loser, then so be it. but do NOT expect those who work their asses off to come save your a**. unfortunately, obama thinks things should be that way. =/

Wrong, wrong, ******** wrong. What if you're self-employed? Or a small business who already has to contribute payroll taxes? And how, exactly, does one pay for expensive health care when the only jobs that are hiring are low-paying? How does a family of three pay for health care on $400 a month part time income?

And on the "socialism" crap. You don't know s**t about socialism, or democracy. This country is not a democracy, and it never was. It's not a socialist state, either. Those are just pseudointellectual buzzwords you heard on Faux News, and are spitting at anyone who doesn't move fast enough. Grow up, get a ******** dictionary, and leave this country if you don't like it.

education NOT indoctrination people. it's not that hard

This is so ******** hilarious, and you don't even know it.

If you don't agree with her, that's fine, but all of this name-calling and verbal abuse is totally unnecessary. I personally thought she made some good points, but regardless of that, nobody deserves to be verbally abused just for expressing an opinion here.

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