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Ok so how do expect we pay for everyone who can not afford health-care??? We are already in debt to China and other countries. And every day we are going further down the rabbit whole... And suppose I do not buy health insurance because the fee every year is cheaper but when I get sick then I will go ahead and get it because insurance companies can not reject me because of preexisting illnesses. Now imagine 10% of Americans doing that. That is a huge flaw in this bill and is going to cost us even more money which we will have to sell more of America to china and other countries and guess what? In 2030 we wont be the United States of America any more... Oh no we will be the United States of China!!! This is outrageous and to support such a thing is to send America down even close to the bottom of the rabbit whole and what happens when we do hit that bottom? Please leave your thoughts about what you think about this so called Health-Care Reform? And don't get me wrong there are things that needed to be reformed about Health-Care but this is not what we need!

-Thank you for your time
Please note that Bush pushed us so deep into debt that the debt clock broke, and that it has been estimated we would only need to pay $600 per person if we did not choose to be the police of the world.

that, and $600/year is a lot cheaper than the $100+ per month rates most pay now, and you can still keep your own coverage.
I agree that Bush sent us into debt and Obama is doing the same thing and increasing the size of our government and when bush was in office he tripled our government... We have not had a decent president in a long time!
why are we humans going to pay for other people's gas and health. obese people go to mcDonalds to buy a cheeseburger everyday and they don't have money. i can't go to claire's everyday and buy something. we have to live with what we have. taxes and extra costs are going to screw america. and we are gonna let that monkey face president keep it up? Y is that?
well see with Bush as president people wanted "change", So Obama took this to his advantage and promised the people that he could change how Washington worked. But actually his change was not what most people thought that they knew. He said Change and everyone blinding followed him. His administration plans to rewrite the constitution which they believe is "flawed". His whole administration is full progressives and if you look at the people who he grew up around, a lot of them were self proclaimed communist. But if you watch msnbc or abc even CNN then you may not know of what I am talking about and that is what is so wrong about America today! All of those news organizations covered Obama as if he was the perfect man and "Savior of America"!
We do need change but not like this.
we can all agree on that
what do people have to say?
ITT We ignore that a more coherent health care strategy is more economically efficient than the abortive concept the US takes particular pride over (some demented combination of socialized and privatized health care, with none of the benefits).

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