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Xx Kiesi xX
Draike Woode
As someone who was raised in Ireland, I must say the America vs. Canada this is hilarious. xD America, a country of war and capitalism, and Canada, a country of peace and..... and... well, they're peaceful. : )

As an American, I find it hilarious that you call us a country of war when your nation has been at war with Britain for like...what? a century?

;_; It's for our freedom. Not because of money or oil or any other such nonsense.
Twilight Scribe
I don't understand, why as a Canadian, do you think this so funny? Many people are very concerned for the state of the economy and healthcare in general.
We as Canadians find it so funny that the Americans are making such a big deal out having universal healthcare. We have it here, and we find it difficult to imagine why people south of the border find it to be such an evil thing that must be squashed. Also, the scare tactics and sheer idiocy that some people demonstrate over this issue we find utterly hilarious. This is just my opinion though, I'm sure my fellow Canadians have other contributions and reasons for why they think it is so funny.

As an American - I'm moving to Canada as soon as I can -.-
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Touche. It is hilarious.
What's that America?
I can't hear you over our free health care.
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As a Canadian:


Just...go through with it and suck it up.
If I didn't get any hospital bills, I'd be pretty damn happy... ninja
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Touche. It is hilarious.
What's that America?
I can't hear you over our free health care.

Or our gold medals.


What? We have bragging rights for another three years. whee
Touche. It is hilarious.
What's that America?
I can't hear you over our free health care.

Even if healthcare is "free", it really isn't. Nothing in the world is free - the sources of payment might just come from different places. In America, if the government foots the bill (no pun intended) without raising taxes or cutting funding on other initiatives, then the economy is going to be even more trashed than it already is, unless Americans are willing to suck it up and pay higher taxes or cut other government programs. Printing more money doesn't really work when you want to pay for something, nor does putting it on credit.

I cannot speak for Canada's (or France's, beyond that the French pay much more in taxes than do Americans) economic management of healthcare, but there is a cost, to someone, somewhere, whether it be the time of doctors who are willing to work for "free"/food/shelter, higher taxes, or a direct expense to a company or individual (yes, some companies are individuals; let's not get into that). There is no free lunch.

I believe that the real problem behind the healthcare for America issue is: "where will the money come from?" That is really a larger issue than the dichotomy between equity and efficiency for America right now.

EDIT: Ha, I totally just went off on a tangent because of one word in your response. Sorry about that - you probably just had a temporary brain-freeze about what "free" means. sweatdrop
lol, ok then why did you even click this topic?
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As a Canadian, I rather enjoy the free healthcare. No, it's not free, in the fact that we need to pay taxes and whatnot, but I'd rather pay higher taxes than need to pay for the care I receive up front. Unfortunately it's a trade-off though. In the US, priority is based on how much they pay. Here, priority is based on urgency. This means painfully long waits in waiting rooms. But at least I don't need to pay for it...
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this whole topic is funny...
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As an American, I wish we had Canada's healthcare plan

lol canada failed miserably at implementing universal healthcare

as an american, i wish we had FRENCH healthcare

I second this. France has the best healthcare system in the world.
Peut-être que je vais y habiter. Je parle déjà le français

Healthcare is never free. It's just paid in a different way: taxes.
As an American, I'm glad we now have a health plan. Now when you accidentally have 3 fingers cut off and only have enough money to get one reatached (before the halthcare bill) you no longer have to choose whitc of the 3 fingers you can keep
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as an american who was born in denmark and has traveled to many different countries i must say, it's not that bad here so stop whining and trying to paint the united states as a terrible country. neutral

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