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When you think of the poor you may think of a old black men in the street begging you for change. Actually the picture you should have is a little white girl.

America is first in child poverty, in the industrialized world. Most of the poor are white and live in rural areas.

1 in four children are living in poverty.

Most came from families that don't have money for drugs and other illegal or legal drugs.
Even if their children are ill.

Rich people take more drugs and drink more then the poor.

The poor can't go to private place that cost thousand of dollars. so they get caught more often.

The poor can't afford the best lawyers, so they go to jail.

Children of the poor die though lack of insurance. Just because the parent did something bad does the children they have have to suffer too?

A while ago a little boy died, because he had a cavity that wasn't covered and he died. Though the cavity had infested his brain the doctors didn't know because mom or dad had no money.

So I give you guys the choice, should hundreds of people died?

Should someone in your family, who was covered by his/her health insurance die?

If you don't know it is your right to find the answer.

If you think Obama is wrong for wanting kids to live say so. With proof, vaild proof from a credited site.

Put is at the bottom of you post. All my info is from