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I want to lose some of my extra pounds before Christmas.....do you think doing the dance to Gangnam Style would work? It looks fun and very athletic.
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Regular cardio plus a proper diet is the only way to go.
Note that more intense, short bursts of exercise tends to burn more than slower, prolonged exercises too.
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Yea.. I guess you could count it as aerobics or cardio, lol blaugh
Sure! Dancing is great for burning.
But you might want to add in some other workouts as well.

If the pounds are in the stomach area, I'd recommend working out your abs w/ incriments every other day. Or every 3 days, whatever will work for you.

Even if not, ab workouts seems to burn lots of calories because they work out the core.

An example w/o equipment...

5 mins crunches, straight.
1 min mason twists. (add weights if you'd like to)
-1 min crunches.
1 min leg drops (scissors... whichever works for you)
-1 min crunches.
1 min bicycles.

Of course there are tons of more ab workouts...find the ones you like, and it should work great.

Now note that this is what works for me. I know that if I had a bad weekend, and want to get back on track quicker, I'll double these workouts, and it generally does the trick.

Also, planks are a great way to finish a workout.

I recommend doing th ab workouts after your gangnam cardio workouts.
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If you do it as intense as Psy does it, it will be good cardio lol. Don't forget to control calories smile

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