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I come on here and keep seeing people giving the advice to eat low fat alternatives to food or to cut fat out of the diet, when high fat low carb diets have been proven to be more effective at weight loss (I'll go grab some citations for this in a sec)

You guys need to understand that while some fats are bad, some are really good for you! I didnt change my diet just added coconut oil in (its a kind of saturated fat, but is a good saturated fat) and my body fat percentage has dropped!

So gaians, why you no like fat?
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Fat just has really bad connotations. I think it's mostly an issue of health education -shrug-

Plus, a lot of fatty foods that are in MOST people's are pretty bad in general. Potato chips, huge burgers, fried foods, etc etc. When the average person cuts out fat, they cut a lot of really bad foods out of their diet!! For people who are more health conscious, it makes a lot more sense to get our fats from avacados and good oils, etc
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Your body is designed to use carbs as its first source of energy. Fats as its secondary, then proteins as its third. High carb diets are simply more energy effective that way as opposed to high protein or high fat diets. Whether or not you lose weight that way, that's what our bodies are evolved for.
I don't know. People are just plain stupid and uneducated. Just check the posts above me lol. Fats have bad things to them and good things just like anything else. One thing everyone should avoid though is trans fat. That's ******** disgusting artificial man made s**t. And sadly that's what people nowadays eat, whether they're fat or not.
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Because "fat" is how we refer to the overweight. So of course people assume ingesting fat makes you fat.

That association isn't going to go away any time soon.
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          If I tell people to do something with fat it's to cut out the bad fat and increase more of the good fats in their diet. That's the thing right there. That's what I believe you mean when you talk about a high fat and complex carbohydrate diet. You don't want to go hog wild on all fats but rather increase things like Omega-3s by eating more cold-water fish, nuts, oils and seeds and increasing the amount of dark leafy green vegetables. In fact, you want to get as many kinds of Omega-3s as possible because one of them can not be produced by our bodies and it's essential to our overall health. The thing is we need to cut down on the amount of processed and fast foods we eat and increase the consumption of things like lean meats and poultry. Pretty much we want to strive for 30 to 35 percent of our calories coming from unsaturated fats. Go below twenty percent and we are on the path to some health issues.

because they're not effective long term.
most people eat good fats and don't know it, I haven't really noticed much about anti-fat on gaia, maybe anti body fat, but not consumption, obviously there is the typical idea of healthy eating we must follow, many nuts have fat and people don't know that, but fat makes cardio somewhat difficult, so stick to chicken or veggies in your preworkout meal, or it could be cut short with cramps
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I don't have problems with fat at all. anything fresh and whole has fat in it. It's the extracted processed fat I have huge issue with. Those aren't great for my body. When I eat grease food (I am not even talking about fast food junk, nor packaged snacks, just grease food), my body feel sick (from my face has more oil - oily skin, to fatigue, acne, etc)

I love what you said though - bad fat out, good fat in smile I do not mind taking in more fat from whole food one day and have less fat from whole food on the other day... I do try not to over do that kind thing nor turns that into a habit/excuse.
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Blame Hollywood, thats a first.
Then blame those ******** so called organic companies,
then blame doctors who were paid by the company to advise you. >_>
People should only eat fruits and vegetables in my opinion.
People should only eat fruits and vegetables in my opinion.

Oh and seafood. I almost sounded like some veggie douche bag
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I hate fat chicks.

I love fatty foods.
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Because fatty foods makes people think about McDonalds and all of it's glourius awesomeness
Because "fat" is how we refer to the overweight. So of course people assume ingesting fat makes you fat.

That association isn't going to go away any time soon.

Then am I to assume if I eat a lot of green foods, my skin will turn green?

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