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Right now I'm 24. I'm 5 foot almost right on the line. I'm 114 pounds. Five years old I was the same height and only weighed 80 pounds. I was in the hospital for a while and was able to get fixed up. But it really is a every day battle even now. Anyone else in my shoes?
No, but I do have a couple of friends who are. I just wanted to say congratulations on being strong enough to fight against your eating disorder. heart I always find people like you recovering from eating disorders extremely inspiring.
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I've been semi-anorexic for a while, for modeling. I'm 5'1" and under 80 lbs so I know how hard it can be
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I was not eating for a little while. I had to stop because I felt like I was being cruel to my body.
Now im training and trying to gain weight to join the Navy.
I weigh ~115Ibs now. So were about the same
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I am 4'11 and currently as of now, I'm 84 pounds. I went into the hospital last year in April,weighing 65 pounds and came out at 86. During my hospital visit I was also in counceling. I feel a lot better and I still cant eat as much as people would like me too but I'm trying. Some days are better than other lol. So...yeah biggrin .
im 4/11 too and 95 punds i was in the hospital and the got me up to 100.. as much as i used to hate going to the hospital im so greatful that i went and happy that there is a hospital
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i had anorexia last year, and my parents forced me into recovery. i hate my weight now, but i feel like if i lost just 10 or 15 pounds i'd be fine. i just can't figure out how to get back in the groove.
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I call myself recovered, but sometimes I find myself doing things I used to do.

I am 5'6", lowest I documented myself at was 103lbs. My parents took my scale away at that point, but I know I probably got to 92lbs a few months after that.

I am currently 121lbs, but I want to be 115lbs. I had a baby 10 months ago. I was a complete mess when I was pregnant. I got up to 171lbs, and was discharged from the hospital at 159. It only took me about 2 months to lose 38 lbs. I had to wait 8 weeks before working out because I had a c-section, and tried to workout too soon and had to redo my stitches. gonk

I'm getting back into running, but I'm trying to avoid making it an everyday thing.
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I am 5'2, anorexic, and weigh 85 odd pounds. I am trying to recover, but on my own terms. I realize that relapse is always inevitable for me, trying to find a balance. I do not want, nor will I ever, to go back to the hospital or treatment.
I am always here for support and understanding, but I will not, for any reason, advocate my behavior towards others.
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Somethings wrong with you if you were 5 foot and 80 pounds already when you were 5...
But otherwise.
Your around your perfect weight for your height.
Not in the same shoes as you.
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I'm 5'3, and at my lowest I was around 82ish pounds? I don't know what I'm at currently, probably only a bit more. But I eat way more now (Even though It's very hard for me to eat so much.) I keep falling back Into the mindset not to eat, but I keep pushing past It. I try to eat as fast as I can, so It doesn't feel like I ate much since Its gone quick. (I know It's not healthy to eat very fast, but I've been a fast eater my whole life.)
I wish you good luck with recovering! ^^ It may be hard, but you can do It!
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I'm 5'3" and 117. My lowest was 102 and was going lower until I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 3 years ago (probably from always dieting), and I jumped up just within this past year.

I workout--running, lift weights, and strength train. I frequently ask a lot of men at the gym whether they're done with the weights they were just using. It feels great. I've strived to be more healthy and appreciate the number that I lift, but I still sometimes can't appreciate the number on the scale. I feel like 15 lbs on my frame that I gained looks like 40+ lbs. And my thyroid disorder makes me look so puffy. The worst--I can't stop comparing myself to my tall and slender framed friend. Trying to resist starving again.

My motivation with picking up weight training is that when I starve myself I get weaker and can't lift as much. I know I'll never be tall. My role models are now the women that I see at the gym with the lean, but strong physiques.

I feel your pain. Rooting for you!!!

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