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So, this thread is mainly for the ladies out there, but how about us dudes give them gals a gun-show? I'll start it off, but the rules are that you can only post your own arm, a family members arm, or a friend or close neighbors arm. Now that we have that settled...(Oh, and I'm 5'8" tall, 135-150 pounds)

The arm of Ghuad!

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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Oooh baby, those are nice!
I don't have any pictures of my arms but as soon as I get some ..maybe tommrow at the gym I'll ask a buddy of mine to take a picture for me, I'll post it. heart
/blush/ D'aww, thank you. Believe it or not, I started my path to fitness only about two years back, and I've never done more than I thought I could do at the time. But, I constantly increased my efforts towards goals, increasing reps, adding new exercises to my regime, and turning it into a habit associated with food. (And I can get away with eating just about anything, but get better results when I pay great heed to my eating habits.)

I found myself warming up before breakfast, some stretches, 5 reps of a few different things here and there, few sips of water, eat my food while paying complete and utter attention to just what I'm eating, the taste, smell, texture. Never do I take my eye off my food, for when I do, the taste seems to disappear. My tummy now lets me know "Stop! I can't eat anymore!" I've found a good balance in my eating habits, and eating just enough, rather than too much, or too little, has done more for my efforts than you can believe. But after having a meal entirely dedicated to paying attention to what I'm eating, I drink some more water, sippingly, and pace around, looking around the house for things to do, checking them in my mind, waiting for my food to digest for around 30 to 45 minutes before taking much action.

I then proceed to do a few chores, and then I'll get down and do say, 10 fist pushups, 10 close grip, 10 wide, 10 fingers-spread out, each one about a minute or so a-part, while sipping some water.

Then it's more chores, and take some time to prep some meals for lunch and dinner, so that I don't have to do it later. Finish up chores, do something like, 10 lunges per leg, waste time walking around until lunch (Assuming you got up at 6:00, ate breakfast at 7:00, and have all chores finished now) So you've recovered from a few lunges, and it's lunch time now, so we'll stretch a little again before eating, and then we'll eat, wait 30 minutes again, and do some jumping jacks(About 30), walk around on your toes for about a minute at a time, for about 5 to 10 minutes in total, if you have the spare time,(Yay, toned legs!) And then stand on one leg at a time for 5 minutes each. Start walking around again, you can pretty much do whatever you want until dinner. After dinner, which you could have at around 6:00 to 7:00, would leave you with a little time before bed to wind down, calm down, meditate, stretch, do some breathing exercises, and tell yourself how much stronger you'll be in the morning when your muscles rejuvanate.

But yeah, lots of very simple things went into making me a very imposing looking little guy.

And that's a pretty good sized arm for a fellow my size. ^_~
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I may be transgender and not attracted to gun shows but DAMN boy that is some serious muscling
Come on people, you're making me feel lonely. The women can post their guns too!
Remember, this is not a comparison contest! We just want to see some honest to goodness guns on some folks.
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Come on people, you're making me feel lonely. The women can post their guns too!
Remember, this is not a comparison contest! We just want to see some honest to goodness guns on some folks.

Not bad for a girl I think ... I like my arms now XD
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OH YEAH LOOK AT THOSE...non-existent...muscles...
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Ghaud, those are huge muscles. o A o
Now, if you're temper sucked, I would be running away by now.
I swim, so my shoulders are the only thing close to muscles, and my arms are still slim.
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emotion_dowant thats very nice biggrin
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I probably have the skinniest arms on Gaia, hehe.
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Imagine a wet noodle...those are my arms.
siskataya - Not bad at all girlie.~ heart

strawberry - / Very amused / Can you do knee pushups? Start out with 5 in the morn', every-mornin', but rest every 4 days, with two day rest periods?

Serethielle - Well, I do have that sucker pretty-flexed right then. I'm fairly proud of myself, and I'm actually going to post my injured arm in a little bit. (Current picture is left arm)
Haha, nah, I'm actually a pretty laid back, quiet, but level-headed individual. If you cause me no grief, I don't just pop you with one finger. ;P Lol - I swim pretty fast, but the moment anything stops moving, you better get ready to save me - I sink like a rock with my low body fat percentage. You swim, and you want to be fast, so I'm not sure what things should be done to your arms - you wouldn't want too much more muscle mass, and end up slowing yourself down swimming instead..?
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I like what I see. I am not posting any pics, but I do like what I see. lol xd
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Cookie on Fire
I like what I see. I am not posting any pics, but I do like what I see. lol xd

I think you should post your guns. : 3

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