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I'm am at perfect weight for my size, but I have some tummy pudge.
The issue is I have a sweetooth, no self control, & I'm surrounded by junk food at home.

I need a away to take my mind of a junk food, & a way I can say "NO" when those sweet junky temptations pop into my head. Gimme tips plz!
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I've heard stories of people taping up motivational pictures and sayings to their fridge and cabinets xD You know, your favorite models or "just say no!" type things.

What I usually do, is everytime I get a craving for something sweet, is I gorge on something healthy til I'm full. If I want a brownie, I'll eat four or five huge carrots first. If I still REALLY want a brownie after that, I might have a bite, but I'll be much fuller and less inclined to eat ^^
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Trust me, I've eaten a whole head of cauliflower before (roasted) and even though that's a lot to eat, it's much healthier than a bag of m&ms!
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Throw away the temptation. There's no use keeping it around the house of you're doing all you can to avoid it.

Then when you grocery shop the next time, remind yourself that junk food will cost money which will be better spent on fruits & vegetables- something that you're likely to eat because it's healthy and it rots faster than preserved junk food.
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If you have no choice but to be surrounded by the junk food, allow yourself to chew it and then spit it out. ( If you want it that badly.) Otherwise, I agree with the previous poster.. Putting up motivational signs/pictures/etc. is a great way to stay on track.

Also, I would suggest doing a full body workout plan and including cardio!

goodluck! 3nodding

(Feel free to PM if you need support, or just want to ask more questions!)

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