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More specifically, the Bethesda diet or the Oblivion diet (as I'm sure some people may be on the Skyrim diet right now). Anyway, I finally got a computer good enough to play my old Oblivion game, so now I'm finally playing it. However, I'm so into the game that I'm playing it instead of eating...so I'm taking in significantly less calories than I normally would.

For example, my morning toast with butter is gone. In fact, I ran out of bread and haven't been bothered to get out to the store, so along with that meal's calories gone, I'm also not getting any fattening carbs from the bread, not to mention the fattiness of the butter.

I spent many hours straight this weekend playing the game and didn't even know that much time had passed. I've lost about 10 pounds this weekend. sweatdrop
To make sure I don't lose too much weight too fast, I did eat a full Firehouse Sub yesterday morning. However, part of me felt slightly bad with the potential to see some abs and then ruining it with a giant sub...so that may be my last sub (at least of that particular kind) for awhile.

This diet will be going on for the forseeable future, as I'm still really into Oblivion and don't have plans to get bread or more meals in anytime soon. whee
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First, I want to congratulate you on turning this into a bit of a joke. Second, I wish to impart my own success story of the Video Game Diet.
I used a variety of different games for my intake, but I stuck mostly with adventure and first person shooters. I was able to relax with the adventure games, something much needed after I burned off excess calories via rage at first person shooters.
I lost 12 friends in only a week! biggrin

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lol Congrats Robert Ramos

Get out to move and eat some fruits. The video game you has been playing isn't going anywhere at any rate for a long while. rofl
O.o... so you are staving yourself? That is not a good diet friend.
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havnt a bunch of kids died from dehydration and starvation from this already
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Not sure if srs. confused
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Not sure if srs. confused
I'm 100% for real. 3nodding

Also, according to this email I got, I dropped 80 pounds of pressure off my knees. eek

"Health Tip 5 - February 5, 2013

Have joint pain? Watch what you drink!

If your arthritis is acting up or you're having more and more aches and pains, the culprit could be in your glass or cup. Soda, coffee and tea all contain tannic acid, which is harmful to your joints; and alcohol can also cause a flare up. Want a natural way to deal with flare-ups? Garlic has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can ease joint pressure. And if it's your knees that are giving you trouble, remember that for every one pound of weight you lose, there is a four pound decrease in pressure on each knee."

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