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Its finals week (at least over here) and im sure a lot of you are sleeping less and spending more time on the desk trying to get all those smartz infos in your brainz. For those who are on a diet, how do you cope with the longer hours and increased stress on your system? What do you do when youre up at 12 am trying to finish a final paper when your tummy starts reminding you you had dinner 6 hours ago and it needs some filling up? What happens when you sit down and start to concentrate when you realize you need something to keep your mouth busy? So what are your stress diet tips? Please share.

Well if I'm up really late I usually chew gum or eat some baby carrots. But I mostly chew mint gum and rock out to some tunes to get my mind off it. I usually eat oatmeal or something that will help keep me from getting hungry. I usually have the same problem as you but I crave Mountain Dew. I hope this helps! Oh, and sometimes your body will tell you its hungry but it just might be telling you to drink a big glass of water!!
Sugar free gums/ drops for keeping your mouth busy; a watery fruit (such as an orange or watermelon cubes) for a late night snack.

If you know you're gonna have to stay up late on a certain day, I'd just budget late night snacks into the daily calorie/ menu plan ahead of the time. Might even make a room for a small post-dinner meal.
frozen grapes! pretty much any berry, just put it in the freezer for a while and then you can chew on that, i also smoke an electric cigarette and drink a lot of tea with stevia
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I usually drink a lot of water and eat lots of fruit product both dried and fresh. Not only will they keep my mouth busy but help regulate the bowels especially helpful during times of stress gonk
The unhealthy way: anti hunger strips & cigarettes.

I smoke a LOT when I'm stressed which is 90% of the time. I don't condone anyone starting though as it's damned difficult to quit.

Healthy way: have a pint of water and an apple or a small bowl of porridge to keep you going.
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If I know I'm going being up late, I usually plan the snacks Into my calorie plan for the day.
But fruits are good. And I always chew gum (I've been like addicted to It for most of my life ._.) but It helps with keeping cravings away.

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