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Both of them are very effective because it works out your muscles and helps you tone your body too.
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Both are very good. But, Zumba is pretty fun while running can be boring at times.
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☆〜(ゝ。∂)personally id pick running but pick whats enjoyable
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Also u get vitamin D from the sun
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Do what you like. Zumba's a little easier to get started with, so that'd be my choice >.> I am not built for jogging
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Crossfit ... do it
Zumba is fun, but too intensive. You can choose the speed of running, so it's a better choice for you.
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Probably a good idea to switch it up.

I prefer running but i'm also throwing some zumba workouts in since the snow around here is getting pretty deep.
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Based on what I've read, it depends more on the person. Motivation is a factor. Some people find it easier and more enjoyable to stick to Zumba than running, but it appears that running has a bigger effect on weight.

I run, with headphones on. It does help the time pass quicker.
do both there's no perfect way for toning
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Try alternating between both of them. If you only do one your body will become use to the movements.
Keeping your body on it's toes and challenged will be more effective than doing the same things all the time.
Also, Zumba can be so much fun once you get in to it!
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My friends sister does Zumba and she says its super intense. Way more work than running.
Which one is more fun for you? Plays a big factor in how hard you work at it/how often you go. Why not go back and forth between the two to keep your body guessing? Also pure cardio is no good muscle helps burn extra calories so I'd deffinately lift weights once a week on top of whatever else.

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