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Does anyone else set exercise goals for themselves?

I try do a light exercise routine everyday that consists of:
Leg Lifts (3 reps of 20)
Crunshes (as many as I can do)
Jumping Jacks
And lifting small hand weights to exercise my arms. (also 3 reps of 20)

I haven't been doing this very long, but it's starting to show a result.
Weigh loss seems to be somewhat slow but I've got a lot more energy.

What is yours and is it working for you the way you want?

...you are highly entertained
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I go to the dog park at least three times a week with my dogs. We usually play tag or go run the uphill dirt path while we wait for other dogs to show up. Usually we have at least 45 minutes between the time we get there and the time other dogs show up.

Basically if I can incorporate it into my daily routine, I will.
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Daily I do close to 60 sit-ups and do my cardio(Your Shape Fitness Evolved), every other day I hit the treadmill for about 30mins or longer.
Because I work in a grocery store I do a lot of lifting and speed walking daily.
I enjoy walking but I enjoy it more when I have my camera with me. : )
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Bench all day errrrry' day.
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Bench all day errrrry' day.

Watch out for Hernias.
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Usually my daily routine consists of:
-80 crunches
-80 sit ups
-back lifts (25 times)
-jogging in my neighborhood

I'm hoping to incorporate more as time goes on.
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I bike to work almost 5 times a week which totals to about 35 miles a week averaging at 13-15mph (some days I don't bike due to personal errands that require driving or if I got sick). Some weeks are even more depending on what's happening after work or in the weekends like bike group outting for dinner and adventure (about 20 miles) or a test ride for my bike group's monthly event. Today is going to be about more than 30 miles (fast pace avg 15-20mph) since I'll be out test riding for next Friday's ride tonight. Weekends are about 10-20 miles mostly for errands.

I do notice the muscles just above my knees are becoming more prominent. sweatdrop currently trying to include other basic things like weights and stretches.
      ▬ a common practice i do virtually everyday are stretches and walking
What are leg lifts?
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Oh, thanks. I shall try them now biggrin
Well I rotate three days(push/pull/legs) for my strength training, but today was push/front day, which consists of the following (for today).

Incline dumbbell bench press 3 sets of 6 reps to failure
Barbell bench press 3 sets of 5 reps
Barbell overhead press 3 sets of 6 reps to failure
Lateral raise 3 sets of 8 reps
Shrugs 3 sets of 8 reps to failure
Dips 3 sets of 8
Pullovers 2 sets of 10*

*I feel it more in my chest than in my lats so I put it in my push day

One thing that is consistent with my training is to make sure I don't ditch the big compounds like bench press, overhead press, squats, and deadlifts EVER.

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