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In the past twelve months I've gained 7 stones/nearly a hundred pounds in weight. That's insane. When I first started noticing (around the first ten pounds), I began working out. I started with a jog and sit ups.

Two weeks later, I was up an additional twenty pounds. Cue a very flumoxed and concerned reaction. I took myself to the gym and went on a diet.

A few months later and I hit the fifty extra pounds mark. I went straight to the doctor and demanded to know what was up. They didn't know even after running a crazy amount of tests (yeah, I got my thyroid checked), and put me on a diet pill, much as I hate those things.

I'm on a diet and a dieting pill. I go jogging and lift weights at the gym. I'm even trying out ***** pilates for chrissakes. I'm still gaining weight and getting flabby.

What. Is. Up.

Any suggestions on how to combat this??? Liposuction just ain't for men.
Well, as you said, -something- is up. I find it very strange that the doctor couldn't tell what it is. If it were me, I'd go get a second opinion.
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It might be Cushings syndrome. Did your doctor test for that?
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Cushings... I'll definitely get it tested, but here's to hoping it's not that!
They probably would have checked your ACTH/cortisol levels with your previous blood tests. But there's still no harm in asking.

It probably won't be cushings though because it really is the bread and butter of medicine. I can spot a cushings patient at a glance from a mile off, it's not hard...
Get your thyroid checked. Do you also experience fatigue?
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You gain weight when your muscles grow. How long have you been on your diet and working out? Are you sure it's a proper one for you?

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Thyroid is fine, it's not cushings, and.. er..

The diet's been about two months now, and working out since January. I'd be fine with the added muscle, only it's that I'm getting a bit of flab as well.

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