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Sorry if this seems like a weird topic, but I was hoping someone on here knows what the heck is eating up my arm while I'm asleep. They look like mosquito bites, and so after a little Googling I figured they were bed bugs. I stripped down my sheets and cleaned all reachable areas besides behind my television and in a corner of the room with heavy things that I don't know where to put. Didn't see a single bug. I got at least 15 bites last night. While vaccuming, I found feces on the carpet on both sides of my bed that were soft and easy to clean up. Google says that bed bug feces aren't easy to clean up, so that's why I'm thinking it's not bug bites. My parents also think that I could just be getting the bites from an allergic reaction to the latex gloves that I wear to work, but I've only had red and swollen arms from that and fixed the problem by wearing non-latex gloves under them. They also said it could be fleas from when I let a stray cat that was infested with fleas stay in my room. That was 10 months ago, though, and my room has been cleaned a lot since then. I've found a bug or two in my bed many months ago, but that was about it.

What could it be?

I cleaned my sheets today and vaccumed all but one corner of my room, so hopefully I don't get any more bites. Here's hoping.

No flaming, please.
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It could be fleas, they start multiplying in warmer weather. I had a bad infestation for a big. Next time you find some poop, add water. If it makes a reddish color, that is flea poop. You might wanna buy some of this and sprinkle it around your room and let it sit for a few days, then vaccum it up and see if that helps. It's totally harmless and it's even in some of the foods we eat smile I hope you figure out what it is >_<
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If you're sure you're getting bit, you should use body soap that has teatree oil in it. It helps repel bugs. Not a whole lot, but it does make a difference.

Can't say I have any suggestions on the bug issue itself, but I hope you get that cleared up. >:

...Does anyone else live with you?
Spiders? That's what I have emotion_donotwant

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