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You know you're a Harry Potter nerd when you go on a Tom Felton site and tear up cuz it says he's taken and he likes girly girls that don't wear skinny jeans(feltbeats.com) and then proceed to question your wardrobe choices and ask your mom if you're a girly girl. (Just happen to me like 5 minutes ago.)

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crying crying crying

Now that I've got that out of my system, you know you're an HP nerd when your most treasured possession is a Mugglenet wand signed by Emerson and Ben 4laugh
You know your a Harry Potter nerd when you go to the 6th movie in costume.
What? I looked super fierce as Bellatrix, should I just waste that sitting at home?

I'm doing the same thing.
The theater I work at doesn't get movies for a looooong time.
You know you're a Harry Potter nerd when:
1.You own all the books J.K.R. has written that are even remotely related to H.P.
2.You hate the way the movies are going, but still buy them anyways.
3.You fantasize about being Sirius Black's girlfriend.
4.You fantasize about being Tom Felton's girlfriend.
5. You practically worship Ms. Helena Bonham Carter, whom plays dear Bella in the movies. heart
You know you're a Harry Potter nerd when you are studying "The Hobbit" by JRR Tolkien in English class, and you wonder why you aren't studying the "Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone."
(I mean seriously, why not harry potter!? what's with all these OLD classics...?! i mean they are good/well some, but stilll! ....)

You know you're a Harry Potter nerd when you fantasize one of the characters being married to you and tell everyone you have a husband and you won't say who it is. (except probably only a few people know) (:

I could go on, but eh.
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You know your a Harry Potte nerd when you almost fall down a flight of steps because you imagine you are walking through the Hogwart's School. It happened. Almost fell down 1 flight of steps. redface
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You know your a HP nerd if you know all the answers in the DO YOU KNOW YOUR HARRY POTTER thread.
You know you're a Harry Potter nerd when you spend the time you're supposed to be doing homework, reading HP fanfiction.
You know your a Harry Potter nerd when you really REALLY hoped that on your 11th birthday you'd get an acceptance letter from Hogwarts.
You know ur a harry potter nerd when you would rather read the books instead of going out and doing something. wink
You know you're a Harry Potter nerd when you couldn't help referring on every single thing around you as one of the things, person, events, ideas, or plot from the series.

Like the time when we had our module; we have to tell a story about who is the invaders of your kingdom, how they invaded you, the first problem, a plan which is failed, another problem, a miracle or deity was casted upon you in winning the war and the epilogue. I couldn't help but write about the First Battle at Hogwarts.
Bumpity bump.
You know your a HP nerd when (this happened today and I'm american so you can follow the story), you are irritated cuz your sister can't make up her mind on what to order at a drive-thru and so you say "Will you bloody make up your mind!" Your mom says something along the lines of "Oh be quiet Harry Potter (cuz she knows I'm totally obsessed with HP...) and then starts talking about how she would understand me saying that if I was British cuz they say that but I'm not so I shouldn't. But I didn't pay attention cuz a true HP fan/nerd will talk say HP stuff.
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You know you're a Harry Potter nerd when it broke your heart as you didn't receive a letter from Hogwarts.

You know you're a Harry Potter nerd when you yell to you most annoying enemy "I am going to Avada Kedavra your a** b***h!"

[Yes it truly did break my heart when I didn't get my letter D: I Swear my owl must have gotten lost somewhere on its way D:
and to the second one, I said that a little to often >_>.
To what you guys said, same here same here - enough said xD]
o1. The fact that David Thewlis, Gary Oldman and Alan Rickman are three of your favorite actors isn't the only reason you have more than half or all of the Prisoner of Azkaban movie memorized.
o2. You've grown weary of stumbling over David Thewlis' last name and have taken to calling him "Remus" or "the guy that plays Remus".
o3. You can no longer see Zac Efron in anything without think of Voldemort.
o4. You don't live in a place near Hogwarts and you understand why your Hogwarts acceptance letter never came... but you're still waiting to hear from any of the schools that just have to be in country.
o5. The dodo bird is your favorite magical creature.
o6. You totally got and/or lqtm'd at five.
o7. When you watch/read/listen to something non-Harry Potter you wonder what houses the characters would be sorted into.
o8. You've compared Gaia to Harry Potter and assigned a house to each town(Durem-Slytherin, Barton-Gryffindor, Aekea-Ravenclaw, Isle de Gambino-Hufflepuff).
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You know you're a Harry Potter nerd if you almost miss your EuroStar train to France because you absolutely HAD to see King's Cross station while you were in England.

Obviously this happened to me.

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