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I hate first year, Hermione.

In fanfic, she usually grates on my nerves.

Say I'm reading a fan-fiction where Harry in first year let's something spill. He uses a spell he shouldn't know, or mentions a library that isn't the main library and Hermione is all "You have a lot of explaining to do Harry Potter". You don't have to turn all cross, and give the poor boy death glares!

I'm like all talk2hand .

Does this ever get on anyone else's nerves?
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Sometimes I think people over do it with Hermonie's first year. Yes she was a difficult character, but she quickly developed once she established a friendship with H&R. I think some fanfic authors do not give her enough of credit early on and yes it does bother me. However there are many more pressing issues that bother me in HP fanfic than that. wink
She was def annoying, but part of her character development was she grew out of it.

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