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I had always wondered that myself. I suppose they deemed him as one of the "necessary" omissions.
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I could have swore he was in the first movie.

Sadly everyone who's seen the movies always are like, "Who's Peeves?" I try to tell them about him, but they don't get it.

Having Peeves in the movies would be AWESOME! If I ever re-make the movies I'm adding Peeves in the movies, he's a key character in the books no matter what ever anyone says.
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Peeves was a poltergeist not a ghost but ur right it would of been good 2 see him in the movies.
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I too was sad that he never made an appearance. Not even once. I was also sad that Charlie Weasley didn't really make it in either. Such a shame.
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Because movies need to be produced on a budget. And the screen-writers are required to make a lot of cuts from the books so it can be done as cheaply as possible. emotion_donotwant I still wish they put him in though...
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/rollsin/ Sshhh, I'm more interesting.


because he served virtually no purpose whatsoever
I had no problems with Peeves not being in the movies. I thought he was an annoying little s**t.


Alright, continue. /rollsout/

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