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ll The Slytherin Queen ll
I'm probably the only person in the world to say Percy Weasley.

I would love to know your reason(s).

Really? Honestly, I've just always liked his character - even with the events in latter books. The second time I read through the books I actually thought about why he left and I realized that I totally understood, and that I would do the same thing. I know that if I was treated that way by my family - and I'm not placing all blame away from Percy here - I'd leave too. It was clear to me that his ambitions weren't respected and I thought that Arthur should have been a little more sly about his suspicious on just why Percy got his shiny new job.

Other than that, I like somebody who is willing to do most anything to get what they want - but, of course, has some sense and limits. I like that he is smart and hard-working and doesn't blindly trust authority*. (I'm referencing HPPS here, when Harry and him talked during the feast.) He's also the only Weasley I really like and the only one I strongly identify with. Red hair and glasses is also nice.

*I think Percy was smart enough to realize that Harry was right but also smart enough to keep his mouth shut about it. I think it was about self-preservation and I'd have done the same.
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Draco or Harry

...actually I'd prefer it if they dated each other wink
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Draco and Cedric 4laugh
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Questionable Borg

Oliver Wood, Cedric, Fred and/or George, Ron
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luna all the way! best personality ever!
heart cedric, if he was alive crying (1 hottie down 3 to go) fred or goerge (i count them as1) harry, and of course the great, RONNIE DA HOTTIE!!!!!! WITH A NICE BODY!! heart heart wink rofl 4laugh
Draco. redface
Draco Malfoy.
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Neville <3
I loved his character in the books and I always thought Matthew Lewis was a total cutie.
Lucius Malfoy. Canes excite me. And I love his character; sexy, dark, and clever. Yum.
I'd absolutely date Draco Malfoy,he's my favourite heart heart
Professor Severus Snape ^_^ heart
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George Weasley!
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Weasley twins...I'd get to watch them together too...Mmmm
Or Remus Lupin
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Albus potter, scorpius malfoy, and Hermione granger

(to be honest, tom felton is yummy but draco is a bit of a right foul git..)

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