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I love ______

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Shy Stalker

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Sirius, withoutany doubt... he is my fav char, I'm somekind obsessed with himXDD
the younger Sirius, but I wouldn't take him seriously. wink )
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Invisible Phantom

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The Weasley twins! heart if I can have both that is.
Polkadot Pocky's avatar

Dapper Lover

Draco Malfoy emotion_bigheart
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Hilarious Lunatic

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its got to be draco malfoy i fancy him in real life
I would date Oliver Wood. Because, well, he's a Keeper. *bum dum doosh*
No, really, he's hot.
xXForever ForneverXx's avatar

Tipsy Bookworm

I've always had a huge crush on movie Lucius Malfoy redface
My first choice would definitely be Draco Malfoy
Peroxide Swing's avatar

LovesWeaponX3's Partner

Versatile Lunatic

Nymphadora Tonks.
Feline Ferra's avatar

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I'd wanna marry Bellatrix because her strange and twisted mind appeals to me.
I think i'd want to date snape. I'd be quite happyas his loving wife.
rofl ninphadora tonks *¬* rofl heart _ heart
Both of the Weasley's. heart

Or....maybe Dudley. Yeah I'm psycho like that.
Oh my god, such a hard question to answer... I would probably choose Sirius Black - when he was young and sane.

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