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I love ______

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Neville, or Luna.
I would say Tom Riddle (because the actor playing him was very attractive), but dating a soon to be killer can not be good for my health.
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I would date riddle in his sixth year. One year before he created the death eaters, and one year after he opened the chamber. maybe having a girl like me around would soften him up a tinsy bit. 3nodding

I would date Fred, or Hermione. I prefer level headed goons wink
...I'd be known as the school slut for flirting with everyone there ... Just sayin' ...
DRACO MALFOY ALL THE WAY!!!!! heart heart heart wink
I would date Fred Weasley.
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Snape. . . but it would probably be more of a Friends with Benefits sort of thing considering he'd never love anyone other than Lily.
Sirius Black heart He is a little shady and rough around the edges my kind of man
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Ron Weasley <3
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I'm probably the only person in the world to say Percy Weasley.

No, you're not!

Gotta love a bit of prefect in the morning...
as cliche as it sounds, harry's been my one true love since day one. heart
I'd love to date either Neville or Luna.

Neville: We both love plants and staying somewhat low key, and he's pretty BAMF
Luna: She's crazy awesome and I adore her style and attitude.

Is it possible to marry both of them?
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I Wood date Oliver. wink
Seriously... I would.
HARRY my god he adorible!! 4laugh
HARRY my god he adorible!! 4laugh

From the Book or Movie?
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Greedy Capitalist

Luna Lovegood.

Can you imagine those eyes staring up at you as she gave you a b*****b?

Dear lord...

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