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who had the more tragic death

harry potter (FAKE) 0.010526315789474 1.1% [ 1 ]
voldemort 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
dumbledore 0.17894736842105 17.9% [ 17 ]
harry parents 0.084210526315789 8.4% [ 8 ]
edward cullen 0.031578947368421 3.2% [ 3 ]
prisonor of azakaban 0.10526315789474 10.5% [ 10 ]
snape 0.58947368421053 58.9% [ 56 ]
Total Votes:[ 95 ]
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who had the most tragic death?
None of the above. Dobby was one of the deaths that got to me the most. I loved his character.
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Snape in the 7thbook/ 2nd part of the movie.
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*sobs* DOBBY *sobs*

seriously though. after i finally got through my depression in the book, i wasnt sure if i could watch that in the theater. Snape and Sirius's death are also some of the saddest parts of the series.
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It's really hard for me to choose but I was particularly upset by Lupin, Tonks and Snape's deaths.

Hedwig's death upset me too... is it me or did Harry seem more upset over Dobby's death then Hedwig's? That just doesn't seem right to me...

i think he was more upset in the movie because he had time. he wasn't trying to fly a motercycle bike to safety and out run moldyshorts
Ugh, the books are such bloodbaths, it's hard to say which deaths are the most upsetting.

Probably either Lupin and Tonks (their deaths were reported so casually, it was disturbing), Hedwig (Harry's innocence), or Dobby (that whole scene was so bleak).
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I am sorry i did not put Dobby i forgot about his death.
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Snape and Dobby crying
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By far.
Professor Severus Snape's death was most tragic to me. Because it was completely unnecessary. Sirius's death was more pathetic and shocking but it did not even seem like he died. Tonks and Remus's deaths were sad and maybe a bit tragic...considering they should not have been out fighting when they had a lil bitty baby to think of... a boy who would never know his parents just like Harry. Sad. Tragic. And Dumbledore... well, he was old and dying anyway, so I say its sad but not tragic... Voldemort... his death is not tragic at all, but his life was...not a person in the world to love him and befriend him genuinely and so he thinks death is the worst fate of all... but his life really was more tragic than his death. His death could bring an end to his reign of terror and give him a new chance to be reborn into a better life.
Sirius Black was one of my faves and definitely the one who died when he shouldn't have; after all, so many good characters got killed off and he didn't even stick around as much OTL

I hated how Fred died, however I just cried when Snape died. I loved Snape from the first book and didn't like it one bit when he died. Then in the end I find out he was a good guy all along and after all and it makes it all more depressing.

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