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I always watch the Harry Potter marathon on ABC whenever that comes out, which is like every month, kind. I don't read the books. I will always love Harry Potter and I would smack one of my kids if they ever liked Twilight! aha xp
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I am rereading the books and had 2 HP movie marthon. My ADD did not like sitting in a chair for 21 hours of harry potter.
cried and cried and cried and cried! then i watched MLP then took a nap. :3
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Roleplayed and roleplayed and roleplayed and roleplayed and roleplayed.
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VISITED THE AMAZING SET OF HARRY POTTER, the making of the whole film at Warner Brother Studios in London, I'm going to go again with my Media teacher and hopefully a third time with my family and relatives.

Also starting to read all the books again and films (I got the film set mwahahah)
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its been hard.. XD well i still wear my gryfindor scarf around in the winter and pull out my pen wand for halloween each year.. lol i've been busy with rl stuff..but i just pulled my book set out to re-read the series again. It never gets old to me, so while i'd love to have more stuff coming out, i suppose the 7 books can last me for the rest of my life if they have to..

but if you're prone to hard core fandoms, the only real solution is to find another one to jump to each time one ends..now im all adventure time'd out..it helps to fill the gap lol
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Reading small books that J.K Rowling wrote, the one's that give you detail about the story. My favourite is The Tales Of Beedle and Bard. It's amazing. It has The Tale Of The Three Brother in it, and it has little notes that are supposed to be made by Dumbledore too whee It's so cute!
Unfortunately, I think the only thing to do is to invest yourself in another fandom. HP will always be important to me, but it's easier for it to be over when I'm obsessed with something else.

And, of course I do a re-read every so often, and become re-immersed in it all, and then very melancholy when I finish.
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well last summer on midnight july 15 2011 after seeing harry fight to the end with the dark lord we all got that big hole, i reread all the books rewatched all the movies yet i still felt sad, somehow watching darren criss comically perfect harry's douchie side seemed to subside my fan tears and made me smile. ever since then i've had a half filled heart for a new chosen one. <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmwM_AKeMCk
i suggest it if your heart still aches from that perfect wizard boy that captured your heart smile
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I am still going strong. Pottermore really helps, and I have been to the Wizarding World. The only real gap I feel in my life is the lack of exciting Harry Potter events. But I celebrate anniversaries and such with the other Potterheads I know to make up for it.
And though I have gotten into a few other series' since HP ended (most notably Doctor Who) Harry Potter is still at the forefront of my existence.
Read it again a few times since then.
I re-read the books constantly and watch the movies, I even got the boyfriend into them! I would like to go to the Wizarding World next year. Other than that, not much else has filled the void sad I miss having something to get excited for.
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I've re-read the books a few times and role-played a couple of the characters. I haven't done anything lately though outside of popping into this subforum.
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Well, I did read a lot of fan fiction (especially Dramione) and re-watched the movies again and again every day. xD I would get a pen and draw the deathly hallows on my wrist and walk around with it. Lmao.

I was distracted for a while from Harry Potter because of the Hunger Games and now that I've finished reading it as well, I plan on re-reading the Harry Potter series again. xD

Right now, I've been enjoying Pottermore and living the life of a Hufflepuff. cool
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I haven;t read the last book or watch the last 2 movies sweatdrop . i'm to scared to crying I love it so much . I heard there is a epilogue that show the had kids and stuff. I wish it was more of an open ending instead up that. But what i do in read/write fanfiction heart (drarry), go on pottermore, and watch/read the movies/books over again. I also when to Orlando Studios and when to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter it was AMAZING I spent two days there. I bought a lot of Slytherin merchandise and including some stuff with harry on it. a snitch and a "I Must Not Tell Lies" Lanyard. a Draco and a Harry pin. Oh and a Slytherin quittage and I Speak Parseltongue Keychain... and a shirt that says muggle and another that say wizard. So it really hasn't ended for me! 4laugh

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