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I put the word 'Ended' in quotes as for me Harry Potter never really ends.

But really, I've not looked forward to anything as much as I did the next Harry Potter book, or the next Harry Potter movie. The mounting excitement, going online and discussing the Ifs and Whats and then finally reading it/seeing it. If read a few good books, watched some movies but I've never really go into anything as much as I did this. I wish I was creative and write some fanfiction (as i love reading it) or drawing some fan art or joining a wrock band but really it's left a big void in my life! Is there anything out there that can take the place of Harry, Ron and Hermione? Or, am I doomed to live the rest of my life with a piece on me missing?

To sum up. Just how has everyone filled that hole?

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I've joined Pottermore. You should check it out. I'm currently rewatching the films.
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i started to read the book again,I love them
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I started writing a fanfic with another friend. We're around 30 pages now. I'm pretty proud. Recently I hit some writer's block and I think she's going to cruciate me for it... but... whatevs.
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I toy with fanfic ideas on a regular basis, even though I don't write them down.
I regret that I missed out on some of the fun while the books were still coming out, as I didn't get to discuss them with anyone.
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Rewatching the films, rereading the books, reading Rowling's newest stuff, on Pottermore, and just moving on with life in general. I have other interests. I always have. HP will always have a place in my heart, but it's ended and I have to graciously accept that.
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        calling to angels gets lonesome
          when you don't believe they exist anyway.

                  I got a Deathly Hallows tattoo.

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relly upset ther not making another one
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mainly rewatching the films, maybe read some fanfiction ^^
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I started re-reading all the books , watching all the movies, writing fanfics, and drawing art ^_^

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I immediately bought some cute items that shown pictures of Harry Potter like key chains and bags. Wear it every time a walk in the supermarket and I let them surmount. ^_^

* Will continue to watch this movie at leisure.
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I've generally pretended that it didn't end! I keep reading them and watching them again and again
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"I keep reading the books, it's never going to end."
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I've become addicted to A Song of Ice & Fire.
I've become a Whovian.

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