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For me, it's pretty simPle. I was always curious about the books. Everyone was talking about them! Then, curiosity got the better of me around the time that OOTP came out. I had suspected that I would like the books well enough; but I got hooked instead! I spent the entire book hating Snape and believing he was evil, but that twist really threw me. It made me eager to read more and COS solidified my love. Oh yeah, I also changed my mind about Snape.
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ummm, well my great aunt bought my sister the first three books Christmas1999. i wasn't gonna read them because I was like 13 and thought they were kids books and that kids books were dumb. Then I got bored and read them and absolutely loved them. I was actually a closet HP fan until the fourth book was about to come out and Harry Potter became monstrously popular. At that point I realised that HP wasn't just for kids and came out of the cupboard. from that point on I was openly and completely obsessed.
I was only 8 or 9 when I first read them. I was blazing through the other books for children my age, so the librarian from my school recommended them to me. I loved them from the beginning,and I still reread them today even. smile smile
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I think I was ten-ish when I started reading the first book, before the series had gotten popular (to my limited nine-year-old notice at least). Well, I'm pretty sure it was before the second book came out at least.
It was a great read because I was a very quick reader so shorter books didn't last long enough for me to get into them.

Mind you I was never very interested in YA books because they were all written as if the reader was an idiot, so I kept firmly to Harry Potter, fantasy books á la Terry Pratchett and some crime novels from my parents' book case.
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My names Daniel so everyone was like, "UR HARRY PUTTERRR!!!1111ELEVEN111" because Daniel Radcliffe was the actor.

Actually, that's the reason I DIDN'T want to read the books. . .

I got into it due to peer pressure.

Same way I got into smoking.

And worshiping Satan.

I haven't spoken to my mother in 17 years.

I think my brother is still in prison.

Wait, what was the question?
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I was looking up fantasy themed books and stumbled upon HP & the Sorcerers Stone at the bookstore during it's first year in the US. After buying it I just fell in love with the story. But it started to lose me after the fifth book. After they killed Sirius to be specific, he'd become my fav character.
I remember when I was in like third grade my teacher read us the first book and after that I was hooked. Harry Potter is something that I grew up with. I will always love Harry Potter. I have all the books, movies, and audio books, and when JK Rowling FINALLY opens her website pottermore.com then I can buy the ebooks too. smile I love the characters, the plot, the tension, the relationships (although it was frustrating how slow Harry was to recognize he had feelings for Ginny). Harry Potter is something that I will cherish from my childhood for always.
When I was younger, I used to see the books lying around in my parent's bedroom and I was really interested in looking at the covers (this was back when only one to four were out).

In fact, I remember seeing this cover, and wondering why the style was so weird. Then came along this cover, and I couldn't make out if it was a guy or a girl that was sitting behind Harry, and it bugged the s**t out of me. When I read what it was about, for some reason, I got it in my head that Sirius Black was the same age as Harry and that was him on the front of that cover. whee

After that, my oldest sister read them and then my second oldest sister tried to read the first one. She's actually the one who got me interested because as she didn't read the first book fully, she got some weird idea that the unicorn was James Potter reborn and she told me this.

Not only did I get hooked on the series, but I found out that that was a big lie.
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The books always seemed to be calling my name whenever I went to the library as a kid - I remember it exactly because the first book would be sitting on this one rotating book shelf-thingers, and I would always pass it over even though I kept staring at that cover...It wasn't until sometime around GoF movie came out or so that I decided to pick up the books; it then became my obsession & it still is.
I think I was in third grade. I remember I had been seeing the books around a few places and hearing some about them, but they didn't really look that interesting to me at the time, so I never really wanted to read them.

Then the first movie came out. I don't think I really paid much attention to the previews, because I really only was interested in cartoons at that age, but my mom really wanted to see it, so she took me to the theater with her. I'm ashamed to admit this now, but I thought it was really, really boring the first time I saw it, and I think I actually ended up begging her to take me home about halfway through. If I remember right, later on I started thinking about it more and decided that I wanted to see how it ended, so we went back and watched it again.

I didn't really become a fan until a little later on, when I decided to read the books, though. After that, I was obsessed. I even made up my own story and wrote movie scripts for it that was basically a complete copy of Harry Potter, and I forced my family members to act them out with me. xd
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My mother was introduced to the series at a bus stop on the way to work, and she went out to buy the first two or three. She'd been eyeballing the series for a while, and she finally brought it home to read to us aloud.
I was never really interested in it until my sister forced me to read the first book. I thought the first chapter was quite boring, but I dunno, something kept me going and I'm glad it did. heart
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Mum picked up the first one for me and I ended up reading them to my little sister. I've been addicted to them ever since.
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the imperus curse started it and as soon as i fought it off. i read the rest of the books
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When I was younger I had trouble reading... so my grandmother took my brother and I to watch the first movie, in an attempt to get us interested in reading the books. So after I watched the movie, I really wanted to read the books... so Harry Potter helped me get better at reading and I have been a fan ever since.

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