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The only relationships I was upset about was with the main characters. I mean obviously it would never happen, but I would of loved to see Hermione+Draco. But Draco is mine emotion_kirakira I wanted Harry to be with either Hermione or Luna, but then I don't know who Ron would of been with..
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I feel like nobody loves Bill and Fleur as much as I do. I think they're very cute together and now their kids are like 1/8th veela haha.
I think JKR did a better job of handling the adult relationships than the kids. I love Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur and the unrequited love of Snape/Lily.
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Lucissa and Molly/Arthur are the best canon pairs, though I thought Hermione/Ron was well done as far as the kid pairs go.
Harry and Ginny.. waste of space in the books...really awkward and painful to read

Tonks and Lupin... it came out of nowhere but ok..

and the worst.. Angelica and George. She was Fred's date and then after his death he marries George and their son's name is Fred? this is ******** up..so wrong in so many ways

Ikr? It was like they were just sticking people together just to try and include everyone.

And Harry and Ginny was really awkward and a waste of space. It didn't really fit with the story at all. I thought it'd even be better to have Harry with no one in the sixth book actually. I dunno, after Sirius died, it just didn't seem very fitting for Harry to have a girlfriend.

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