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Charms or Transfiguration
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Maybe all except for divination.... yum_puddi
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I think it would be super amazing to teach Muggle Studies as an actual muggle and dispel the weird thoughts and perspectives wizards have on/about non-magical folk. Especially because wizards seem to perceive muggle things as being a different kind magical. It would be a lot of fun to engage in dialogue and figure out what non-magical analogues we have to their spells and how we handle different aspects of society. Question and answer sessions and demonstrations of things that weren't electrical and dressing up and terminology and... and...! heart

In the books, though, doesn't it sound like the class is pretty boring for the students...? Obviously the teacher's doing it wrong!
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Transfiguration heart ... Maybe Potions, if there's nothing else to do for a living xd .
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Potions, Herbology and Defense against the Dark Arts
definitely care of magical creatures because my best friend is a hippogriff. dramallama
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I'd teach either Potions or Defense Against the Dark Arts
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I would definitely teach care of magical creatures. And anyone that pissed me off would get to take care of blast ended skrewts for a month in detention! rofl
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Herbology and charms.
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Probably potions. It seems challenging and creative.
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Well...I think I would like to teach Divination or become the new librarian >.<
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I'd actually really like to teach Care of Magical Creatures. The animals in the HP-verse are fascinating.
I'd probably get arrested for illegal breeding.


"Mischief managed." ☆★☆
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Care of Magical Creatures for sure. I'd be like Hagrid, too, raising illegal/dangerous animals.

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