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i would SO do Flying Lessons, i ALWAYS wanted to ride a broom!!!
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Defence against the dark arts
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I think I would go for either Care of Magical Creatures or Transfiguration.
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Either Defence Against The Dark Arts or Care for Magical Creatures.
Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions & History of Magic emotion_kirakira
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Anxious Seeker

I'd be an awesome Charms professor, I think.
I'd want to teach Herbology and/or Charms. Transfiguration would be awesome too. ^^
Well, judging from my right now standpoint I'd teach muggle studies. o_o

But presuming I had awesome magical skill, I think charms sounds the most fun. Either that or teaching students how to fly. (Doesn't look like a very busy job though.)
Flying with broomsticks
Muggle Studies because it would priceless to see what pureblood kids actually think of Muggles; I mean outside the 'Slytherin' way of thinking xD
History of magic probably!
How to Scale the Castle Walls and Get Into Trouble For It 101.
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"Divination. I would love to just tell a bunch of kids they were going to die."
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        I'd like to teach Arithmancy since I love math and I'm pretty sure that subject is math-related, correct me if I'm wrong.
        Or... Charms or Astronomy!
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Potions! It would be like making magical soup!

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