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Akon rejected him on Facebook.
How is Harry realated to the Dursley's?
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By magic.

What's a Slughorn?
A type of burrito! Mmmm~

What's The Elder Wand?
A fancy back scratcher.

Where do the Dursleys live?
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In the forbidden forest.
Who was Harry's first kiss?
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The girl next door, Petunia Dursley. They were playing spin the bottle at a friend's party.
What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?
(I couldn't resist xD)
Draco's best friend fairy godmother.

Why is Harry called the boy who lived?
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Because he survived his mother's killer I-shall-squish-all-the-life-out-of-you hugs. emotion_c8

Who is Hedwig?
The leader of a notorious motorcycle gang.

What is Sirius's animal form?
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"He changes into a version of himself with glasses and shouts ANIMAGUS!

Where are Luna's shoes?"
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A: They were stolen and eaten by Cornish Pixies.
Q: How did Dumbledore die?
Harry's favourite writer

What is a animagous?
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An infectious disease passed on by owls.

Why is Harry's scar like a lightning bolt?
coz his dog Bolt step on his face while he is sleeping..
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Who is Harry Potter??
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A guy with scar issues xd
heart heart heart

What are Nargles?

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