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He didn't die; he killed everyone else.


What does Luna Lovegood wear on her ears?
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Baby crocodiles.


What was the name of the school that Fleur attended?
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Pigwarts of course!

How did Harry get his scar?
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A kangaroo kicked him while the Potters were on vacation in China. sad

Who is Voldemort's mother?
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Ariana Dumbledore of course.

What is a horcrux?
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Wizarding In-Laws.


Where does Mr. Weasley work in the Ministry?
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At Bedknobs and Broomsticks department.

What was Ron Weasly greatest fear?

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Peter Pettigrew not returning his love.


Who is Padfoot?
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Draco Malfoy's mother.


Who is the head of house for Hufflepuff?
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Draco Malfoy's mother.


Who is the head of house for Hufflepuff?

Everyone know's it's Bellatrix Lestrange!

How did Voldemort feed when he was a golem/homunculus in Peter Pettigrew's care?
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He went to McDonals

yum_tamago ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ yum_tuna

Who's Aragog and where does he live?
He is a butterfly that lives in Ron's room.

Who are Harry's parents?
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Regulus Black and Petunia Dursley nee Evans.


What do wizards usually wear?
They usually wear their birthday suits.

What is a sneakascope?
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A perverted person who likes to sneak at people changing with a telescope.

Who are Gred and Forge?

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