The new Quiz made by me

1. What house would you want to be in?
2. What would you have as your familiar?
3. Would you be friends with Harry?
4. Would you be friends with Draco?
5. If you could be any character who would you be?
6. Do you like the Weasley Family?
7. Do you like the Malfoy Family?
8. Which Professor do you like the most?
9. Would you be afraid of Voldermort?
10. Would you play quidditch?
11. Do you like the black family?
10. Harry or Draco?
11. Narcissa or Molly?
12. Bellatrix or Sirius?
13. Would you be against or for Voldermort?
14. would you be a pure blood or mud blood?
15. Who is your favorite female character?
16. Who is your favorite Male character?
17. Did you read the books first, after or not at all?
18. Do you like Harry?
19. Dobby or Creature?
20. Favorite food from harry potter?
21. What do you think of hagrid?
22. Did you like James potter?
23. James or Snape?
24. Bellatrix or Madeye?
25. Fred+ George, Flora+Hestia or Padma+Pravati?
26. Were you sad about Hedwig?
27. Favorite baddy?
28. Favorite Goody?
29. Would you like to ride the night bus?
30. Did you think snape was good or bad?
31. Did you want Voldermort or Harry to win?
32. Did you like the movies just as much as the books?
33. Favorite book?
34. Favorite movie?
35. Favorite lesson?
36. Who do you have a crush on?
37. What would you call your familiar?
38. Would you be a death eater?
39. Who do you like the least in Harry Potter?
40. Would you be a teacher at Hogwartz?
41. Would you work for the Ministry of Magic?
42. Would you marry a non-magic folk?
43. Dumbledore or Voldemort?
44. The Basalisk or Aragog?
45. Lunascope or Marauder's Map?
46. Would you go into the forbidden forest alone?
47. Do you like Dragons?
48. Would you take defense against the dark arts or transfiguration?
49. Care of Magical Creatures or Transfiguration?
50. Care of Magical Creatures or Divination?