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oh! I was wondering if any one of you Hufflepuffs could be bothered to let me read your House Letter? You know, the one from your Prefect? I've had friends in the other houses so I've seen the other three and I'm curious about your Puff heritage now.

(lol, Gryffindor's House Letter was a joke by the way. ...though that's probably because they got their description in the book, as well as the entire series. rofl )
I got Slytherin. I guess 'cause I kept choosing Merlin & then merpeople? My welcome letter said I would like to fall asleep to the waves of the lake that could be heard in the slytherin area. O.o

I always saw myself getting hufflepuff, even though I really wanted Ravenclaw. Lol. >_> Never put much thought toward Slytherin because it NEVER sounded like me. O.o I think that one of the questions should have been what house do you want. The sorting hat takes your opinion into consideration. :O

Not that I don't support or like my house or anything, but if I was a wire vote, like 3 questions Ravenclaw and 4 questions slytherin, I would have liked to have a say...

GoldPatronus3305 :]
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Gryffindor, which is surprising because I've always felt more of a Ravenclaw. At the same time every sorting quiz I've done online put me in Hufflepuff. Ah well the Sorting Hat has spoken.
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          •• Ravenclaw C:

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I was a self- proclaimed Hufflepuff...
And then PotterMore sorted me into... Ravenclaw
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

My sorting worries aside, add me!

Very few people accept my random friend requests. gonk
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gum disease
Empty Rice Bowl
gum disease
Empty Rice Bowl
gum disease
Redid the Sorting, got into Slytherin. I'm down with that. Malfoyyyy. cool heart
Got the same wand too, 14 and a half inches, ash, phoenix core and unyielding. I'm pleased.
Why'd you redo it? o:
The actor of Draco (Tom Felton) is amazing *u*

Wanted to see if I was a true Hufflepuff or not. dramallama
Ahh okay. My friend was super mad when she was sorted into Hufflepuff,she kept ranting about how she should've been in Gyrffindor,so she redid it and got into Ravenclaw. She just gave up and stuck with it XD

I wanted Ravenclaw at first, but yeah. I'm not too fussed really. The yellow of Hufflepuff was a bit bright for me. * n*
Sounds reasonable XD. I was very close to being in Hufflepuff,I told my friend what I answered and she got most of the same questions I had and got into Hufflepuff. I answered some like she did so I was so close to getting into Hufflepuff. I really don't care though XD
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Ravenclaw, like I thought I would. Feel free to add me. SilverSpirit13848
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Hufflepuff :3. Feel free to add me, my user is LeviosaCat5510.
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Slytherin! Soo happy. My wand is Apple, Unicorn Core, 11 3/4 inches, quite flexible. My username is WatchWalnut28130. It doesn't matter what house your in. Just add me!
Gryffindor heart
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I got Gryffindor! Yay! Add me if you want and we can play Wizard's Duel together! SeekerWave1001
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Ravenclaw and proud of it! biggrin
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They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops. And that's true.

Slytherin. At first I was a little upset, but now I'm quite happy with it.
Regulus was a Slytherin after all. heart
And my best friend got Gryffindor, so it works out.

What they don't tell you, is that once time starts again, it moves extra fast to catch up.
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I'm a Slytherin. 3nodding But my two best friends are both Hufflepuffs, so I feel like a bit of a loner.
hufflepuff ; which i guess i'm most suited for, but i really wanted ravenclaw :

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