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Mine were Snape and Sirius and Dobby. ='[
Books and movies....
Not to be repetitive, but I have to go with Snape. Once you hear his entire back story and find out why he was doing everything and his true feelings, it was heart breaking. He never got the one he wanted, and in the end, even though it was hard, he always made sure to protect Lily's son.
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Dumbledore, Snape, Sirius.
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Remus, Tonks, Snape, Dobby, and Sirius. I love them all.
Snape, it was really sad that he did all of that to just die.
Fred too, I almost died crying over that one. Gotta agree with Flora_Nightshade, they should have killed Percy instead. Then again, it wouldn't have as much of an impact..
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Sirius and Snape. ;w;
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When Fred Weasley died. How can you kill you off a twin? A Weasley? crying
They're all so distinctively sad in their own ways! But as I was reading Dobby definitely hit me the hardest... I mean.. I was BAWLING.
I don't know why when I read it Fred didn't get to me as much... I think it was because of the battle scenario, you know I wasn't really allowed time to grieve or anything...
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Ugh. They were all big moments for me each for a different reason.
In the movies I absolutely bawled my eyes out when Sirius and Dobby died.
Mine was Freddie boy crying
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"I love you because after all these years, you haven't changed. . ."

Fred and Dobby. Oh Dobby, dying right after his beautiful speech just made me bawl like a baby crying . As for Fred, losing not only a Weasley, but George's ther half, beyond tragic -sniffle-.

"Well, except for your height and bust size of course.”
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Sirius was my big one. Then it was Hedwig and Fred. crying
Oh gosh..... Fred, Dobby, Snape, Sirius, Tonks, Lupin, hedwig, colin Creevey... yeah.... basically everyone.... (cept voldy and bellatrix...)
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Animals tend to make me the saddest. I think its because they're helpless in a lot of ways. At least the wizards could try to protect themselves with a wand and what not. :[

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