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Hedwig. crying
Saddest death would be severus snape crying I'm talking about in the movies not the books if you didn't know. I don't cry during movies but I actually did when he died well it was actually when his memories was being shown but yea...Also dobby both book and movie.

Dissapointing death would be Fred,tonks and remus (Movie) . at least show them more then one freaking second scream
Saddest was Snape's and Dobby's. I cried like a baby during both. crying
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Either Snape or Fred for me. I'd never cried in a public theater before I saw Part 2. cry I think one of the reasons I was sadder at Snape's death was because it had more film time...in the scene with Fred's death, I was still dwelling on Snape's memory and by time I registered what I was seeing on screen, it was gone.
Though I wept hysterically in the scene when Harry was going to his supposed death in the forest and Hermione offered to go with him. I don't know why, but I found it the saddest. crying
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Remus and Tonks' broke my heart. cry
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Remus and Tonks' broke my heart. cry

Aww... cry I completely forgot about Remus and Tonks! crying

This forum may soon be removed due to it making numerous ammounts of people cry at their computers, haha. xd
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Snapes life was sad, his death was a welcome release for his pain. heart

Fred's was sad for the book, but i am glad he died smiling and with no grudges. neutral

Tonks and Lupin were the saddest overall. They left their son to be raised by a war torn teenager (Harry is his god father), and died to protect teddy's future. Like harry, teddy won't know his parents. which as we see from harry, will cause him grief throughout his life. Tonks and Remus were the best parents, same with harry's, because they gave their life for there son. I was sad to learn this pair died. emo
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Fred crying
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"We are only as strong as we are united,

Uhm ;

Snape .
Fred .
Lupin .
Tonks .
Sirius .
Dobby .

^^ In that order .

Most shocking ; Moody...

As weak as we are divided." - Albus Dumbledore
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Fred, Severus, Hedwig, and Sirius.
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let me see, ...
Born Backwards
Fred crying

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Oh man... Dobby and Ted Tonks gonk
Also James in the movie and Lily in the book WHY GOD WHY gonk
I bawled for hours when Sirius Black died. It's been awhile since I've last read about him, but I remember admiring him for being the black sheep of the family. He grew up unhappy in that dark, gloomy household of his where he was unwelcome and detested by his own family, then he gets stuck with the dementors in Azkaban for killing his best friend. When he gets out, he's always in hiding, living on... rats? Don't remember details, but with all that he had went through, I was hoping all would end well for him - he deserves it - but instead he dies before his name was cleared, dies before he could witness the downfall of Voldemort. He wasn't there at one of the most pivotal, exciting moments in time and he wouldn't have missed it for anything.

And Fred. cry
Mine was Mad eye moody, Bellatrix and Snape.

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