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crying Remus Lupin. crying
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Lupin AND Tonks.
I thought it was so unnecessary to leave poor Teddy orphaned. At least spare one of the parents!
Dobby or Snape. sad
Dobby crying
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Crabbe's death was most shocking for me. Didn't see that coming AT ALL.
I think the saddest most disappointing deaths were of Snape, Voldemort, and Bellatrix.
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I bawled my eyes out when I read Dobby's death , "Here lies Dobby , a free elf" WAY TO BREAK MY HEART ROWLING!
Also Ted Tonks , barely anyone ever remembers that he died D: I just got so upset when he died I was going , poor Andy , poor Dora , poor Teddy.Siriusly I loved that man even though we barely saw any of him ;>>
And Lily and James , it was so heartbreaking especially in the movie sad
I'm not gonna lie, I was a little upset when Snape died, but with Dobby... I really was in tears.
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Sirius and Fred.

Still don't know how I feel about Snape. I think I knew it was coming....

also, REMUS! But mostly Sirius and Fred.
It would have to be Dumbledore and Fred for me.. I remember when I first read that part.. I was so shocked and angry that Snape would do something like that!
The saddest I believe was Snape. Until the very end he protected Harry for Lily. There's something bittersweet in loving a person for so long.

The most disappointing was Lupin/Tonks. They truly didn't need to die but I think JKR wanted Harry to be in a similar situation for Teddy as Sirius wish he could have been. Both are the sons of Marauders, both lost their parents to the war, both never knew their parents and rely on others to tell stories about them.
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In the movie, Snape's definitely made me feel for the man. I didn't cry, but I felt my heart break for him. He spent his whole life protecting a woman and her legacy, and had nothing of his own to show for it. That's a real man right there..

The saddest deaths were Dobby and Hedwig. I cried like a baby when I read them in the books, and the movie effected me equally.
Tonks and Lupin </3
the movie version really shook me
the way they were reaching for each others hands while they were laying on the floor lifeless.
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The most dissapointing death had to be Sirius's, not only was it was sad, but it was extremely lame. Now the poor soul is going to be teased for all eternity about getting killed by curtains!

The saddest was Hedwig. She was by Harry's side for almost everything. *sniff, sniff*

Second place for sad is Colin Creevey. His death was just so unnecessary! ( crying for fellow photographer)
Sirius Black. T.T </3 including Remus and Tonks D;
Saddest: Fred's. Sirius' makes me cry every time, also. emotion_8c
Disappointing: Bellatrix's death in the movie wasn't nearly as ... exciting as I thought it should be. Voldemort's, too.

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