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harry would have really needed it in part 4
The Chosen Captain

Pedestrus, will make furniture and the like walk around. More sentient than the ordinary Locomotor but less cool than Piertotum Locomotor

But there already is Treguna Mekoides Trecorum Satis Dee emotion_awesome

Or, if you want something more epic/awesome/cool/probably inspired the Piertotum....

Yes, those suits of armour will kick some Nazi butt. When I read about the Piertotum I actually thought briefly of this film (from the 70s! The heck?!) and the awesome Locomotion spell.
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illusio or illusion. It's kind of complex. All you do is point it at someone/something and concentrate at what illusion/disguise to put on them.
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A spell to torture my enemies...."Crucio"..! stare
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Guess whaaaat? I'm baaaaack!
And here's a new spell from me!!!!
Incantation: Manducare Verba (Crude Translation: "To Eat [your] Words)
Wand Movement: Point the wand directly at the mouth of the intended target.
Spell Effect: This is pretty much an anit-bullying spell. It extracts the memory any nasty or hurtful things a person has said within a given time frame; dependent on the memory of the caster, which it then turns into an edible liquid form within the mouth of the target.
This will taste like something the target absolutely hates. It moves so quickly that they are forced to digest it, and as it goes down their throat, they hear the words they're eating.
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Braidius, The spell to Braid your Hair perfectly in any style you want in just seconds.

THIS emotion_dowant
I fail so hard at braids.
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Bakafantom! It would make your enemy an idiot for a while.
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Novo Perfectus Anima : Bring back to life freshly killed loved ones; without flaws
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favoriteshowacus. A spell that makes your favorite shows be on all the time, so you can never say "there's NOTHING on tv"
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myn would be called fly lie and die fist u would fly then lie then die

Tempus Bardus: Time Slow in Latin is what its meant to mean, meaning you get in a tight spot that requires you to land the 1st blow, you'll have better odds if you use the spell! cool

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