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Leik omg itz da best fanfic evaaaar! Enoby is not a mary soo!!!1!1 U are all obviously haters and prepzzzzz!!1!1!11

Love. So much love being pointed in your direction right now. One of the best ways to respond whenever this is brought up.

I'm personally fond of the drinking game this brings up. I've tried it with soda and water recently. My friends and I got so tired by the end of it we just gave up.

If I had to jot down a quick favorite moment...oh, definitely "Volxemort" and "da Death Dealers." It probably helped that the first time I found out about it was through a commentary someone did on it on Fanfiction.Net. I believe the title was "My Immortal: The Most Goffik Story Ever" or something to that effect.

If Tara was a troll (which is pretty much certain), I bow to you. If on the off chance she isn't...oh, I weep for the future of humanity.

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You kidding? "Volxemort and da Death Dealers" is the greatest band name ever!

"My Immortal" is my favorite guilty pleasure read. It fails to the point of absurdity where I can't help but be amused. It's not something to be taken siriusly - omg, Loopin masticates while looking at a fully dressed 17-year-old (who is somehow still naked)! Oh,no!
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There was a youtube My immortal, were someone animated it and that made it HILARIOUS.
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I haven't! Maybe I'll look it up! ^_^
I think this is the same story my friend found and started reading out loud to everyone in the room. I couldn't stop laughing and I swear my eyes dried up from over usage of my tear ducts. I wasn't sure if she was trolling and sure hope she was. If she wasn't I feel so sorry for her lol
of cOARSE ive read it wht do you think im a ******** prep like britney?
I have and it was hilarious how Harry named himself Vampire and Hermione changed her name as well and Albus Dumbledore apparently takes moonlit walks through the forbidden forest in order to catch students making out that's like my favourite part ever

'What the **** are you idiots doing!!!' yes I can seriously see him saying that can't you. I also like how Voldemort says 'Thou must kill Harry Potter'. And how she apparently puts her fishnets on over her knee highs according to the description of her outfit.
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it waz................................VOLDEXMURT!11111!!!1! of corz i red it u preps stup flamming meh!111!!1
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I'm sure that most if not all HP fans have read it. Hell, even non-HP fans have.
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Ooh, someone should make Tommy Wiseau (The Room) read it! 4laugh
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Enoby's irrational hatred of those "prepz" always makes me laugh. I can imagine her shaking her fist and cursing those prepzz if her name isn't Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way!!!11!!11!

PREPPPZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!! emotion_omnomnom
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And He was Masticating!
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You swore and said
"We are not
We are not shining stars"
This I know
I never said we are

Ai Kira Miko
My Immortal is the worst fanfiction of Harry Potter and all the other fanfictions ever created...but yet it's so funny...


In terms of bad fan fiction to any fandom, My Immortal is only slightly higher on the list than the Fifty Shades trilogy.

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Carry on

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