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"Harry didn't click with her very much though, although possibly I can see it with the movie versions which were much closer."
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For the books Harry/Ginny was great in the movies that sucked. He should have been with 'mione.
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Draco, (obviously, for Drarry fans. heart ) But, Ginny's fine. But I like him with Draco. heart
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I think you have to read the books to truly understand why Ginny is so perfect for Harry. Luna was always lovely but there was never any chemistry between them. Ginny had her little crush on him but she never fawned over him just because he was Harry Potter. She was smart, strong, and could play Quidditch with him. When he breaks up with her she says "It's for some stupid noble reason, isn't it?" and that just shows how well she knew him. She understood him and always stood by him.

I could understand your point, but the fact is Harry barely ever even mentions her, beyond the normal holiday things when he's with the whole family. he only ever starts to think of her in the sixth book. In the movies when she helps him hid the book that scene never happened book wise. Going by books i'd say Hermione would be better, she stuck with him when no one else would, helping to teach him the Accio charm. she stood by him when Ron ditched them in the tent.
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That would have been sweet and i can see why people would like that pairing but I am forever a Neville x Luna fan.

but when i saw your thread title i really just wanted to write "Sirius emotion_dowant " ....because seriously, ever time the two of them interacted in the movie* it was ...awkward.. to say the least.. lol
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Anyone, BUT Ginny. Should've ended up with Draco.
Wow, were tied at the polls!
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I felt as though they were just thrown together in the end. I may be wrong, but to me it felt a bit forced in the end. When I read the books, I believed he should've been with either Hermione or Luna.
Book wise, I'm happy he ended up with Ginny. She understood him, they had much in common & she was always right by his side and could relate to him until the very end. Movie wise, I would of loved Harry & Hermione just because (in my opinion) they look good together and Ginny wasn't as good of a character as she was in the books. Same with Harry/Luna.
I enjoyed Harry best when he was single. The relationships he was in didn't really interest me much.
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I only ship two people with Harry.


and for some reason, Moaning Murtle.


That was like two years ago. I don't particularly like either of those pairings now. I don't know what was wrong with me. (Especially about Moaning Murtle)
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Coming from a Harry/harem shipper, I had no problems with Ginny as a person. As a character? She was a curtain.

Ginny was vibrant, intelligent, athletic, and overall friendly. She was probably fiery too, but I can't tell if this is fanon or not anymore. It's just that the "romance" took center stage in HBP and the relationship should have been more gradual.

Wake up one morning: at breakfast eating some toast, you turn your head and see Ginny. Suddenly, chest monster!

A chat here, and awkward moment there, some UST when the horomones started to kick in, and bam! The gf/bf status makes sense!

He may as well have been secretly hate-dating Draco for years!

...wait. Did I give the Drarry fans ideas now? Whatever...

I'm quite fond of harems or multi-partner relationships for Harry. Ginny/Harry/Luna is one of my many OTP's. Alongside Responsible!CharacterDevelopment!Ron x Hermione...but that is a discussion for another day.
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I'm in the 'Harry shouldn't have ended up with anyone' party. Harry's too much like Frodo in the sense after basically sacrificing his life and ending a great era of evil he would have a lot of issues stemming from that?? I could see him as a Sirius-like figure, as a godfather to Teddy Lupin but not a dad.

I understand a big theme in Harry Potter is love and family but I feel like JKR just lumped Ginny and Harry together without any real couple development.
I think he should have ended with Luna.
It would come out sort of out of nowhere, but isn't that the case with Ginny?
I liked Ginny as character so much, but she was better off without Harry. Even though I just ADORE Harry Potter canon, the whole 'best friend's sister' thing is pathetic |D
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nuff shown.

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