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who do you ship? (and if more than one your otp)

romione 0.083333333333333 8.3% [ 15 ]
hinny 0.033333333333333 3.3% [ 6 ]
dramione 0.12222222222222 12.2% [ 22 ]
drarry 0.20555555555556 20.6% [ 37 ]
drinny 0.022222222222222 2.2% [ 4 ]
lunarry 0.061111111111111 6.1% [ 11 ]
fremione 0.022222222222222 2.2% [ 4 ]
tomione 0.033333333333333 3.3% [ 6 ]
my ship isn't on here 0.31666666666667 31.7% [ 57 ]
erm what? 0.1 10.0% [ 18 ]
Total Votes:[ 180 ]
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My most fav is Scorpius and Lily L. heart

Snape and hermione
Snape and Draco
Draco and Hermione
Lucius and Harry
Narcissa and Lucius
Luna and Hermione
Sirius and Lupin
Harry and Ron
Harry and Malfoy
James and Teddy
Scorpius and Draco (incest is best)
Draco and Albus P.
Albus p. and Scorpius

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Most of my HP ships are cross-canon ships from RP.
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            i approve of all the canon parings except for harry x ginny and ron x hermione.

            but for noncanon pairings:
            tom/voldemort x hermione - otp, i will go down with this ship.
            severus x hermione
            severus x lily
            any marauder x lily
            pansy x percy
            harry x luna
            harry x pansy
            luna x draco
            draco x harry
            tom/voldemort x anyone
I wanna ship Tom Riddle and Harry...
I love Romione, Dramione, and Harmione.
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I am one of the few who actually like Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny, but the other pairings I also enjoy are:
Snape and Harry

Looks like they are about to kiss here.

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Hermione/Snape, yes I totally ship those two in her third year don't hate me cause she's growing up by then anyways.

I've shipped those two together since the third book/movie.
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*rins away b4 all my happy potter memories are tainted*
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*chuckles* I ship a lot- Mainly pairings for Hermione though
Draco x Hermione
Tom x Hermione
Blaise x Hermione
Adrian [Pucey] x Hermione
Theo Nott x Hermione
Fred x Hermione
George x Hermione
Remus x Hermione (mainly if it's a time travel :p)
James Sr. x Hermione (mainly if it's a time travel :p)
Sirius x Hermione (mainly if it's a time travel :p)
Severus x Hermione (mainly if it's a time travel :p)
Lily x James
Draco x Harry
Blaise x Ginny
Pansy x Ron
Dramonie & Drarry. lol
Drarry, forever and always ♥.
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Thank you for not just putting the weird ships on here, but also the written ones.

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