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Welcome to the Harry Potter Discussion Forum!

Hello and welcome to the Harry Potter Discussion forum!

This is the place on Gaia Online for you to discuss, debate, and talk about Harry Potter and his world with your fellow fans.

Please read this thread in its entirety as below you will find some rules and guidelines that should be followed when posting in this forum.
These Topics should not be posted in this forum:

-Celebrity topics

Topics about Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Alan Rickman or other actors/actresses who have been in Harry Potter movies should be placed in the Celebrities subforum of Entertainment Discussion. Topics discussing their roles in the movies are okay for the Harry Potter forum.

-Roleplaying topics

Topics to roleplay as Harry Potter characters, whether they are organized roleplays taking place at Hogwarts, or "Ask this character questions" threads, belong in the Series-related roleplay forum of Barton Town or the Chatterbox, respectively.

-Hangout threads

Threads created just for people to 'hang out' or chat with no Harry Potter content belong in the Chatterbox or Friends Chat.

-Word Games

Games related to Harry Potter that involve just posting a single word or create a 'chain' of posts with no discussion apparent belong in the Word Games subforum of General Discussion.

-Repeat Threads

Before creating a thread in the Harry Potter forum we ask that you check the first page or two of the forum and the HP Forum Directory to ensure that an existing thread does not cover the topic you wish to discuss. Repeat topis may be sent to the Recycle Bin.

-Low-content threads

Threads within the Harry Potter forum should contain a relevant topic for discussion. Threads whose topics can be answered with either a yes or not response or within a poll are not appropriate for the Harry Potter forum and will be sent to the Chatterbox.

Any threads made with this content in the Harry Potter forum will be moved to the correct forum.
Other notes about posting on Gaia:

Advertisements for offsite webpages, forums, or fanlistings are not permitted. They are a violation of Gaia's Terms of Service.

Abide by GAIA Online's Terms of Service and Rules & Guidelines. This includes refraining from the following behavior:

  • Flaming. Abusive posts aimed to hurt or degrade fellow users are not permitted. Flaming in misplaced threads will not be tolerated; if you see a topic requiring relocation, use the proper Report forms, located at the bottom of the forum index.

  • Trolling. Posting inflamatory and/or intentionally upsetting statements meant to incite negative reactions from readers is considered trolling, and is not allowed.

  • Spamming. This is a slow moving forum; excessive bumping is not needed. Please refrain from bumping up topics that haven't slid off the first index page. Off-topic chatter is also considered spamming; try to stay on topic, and keep your posts relevant.

  • Posting in Misplaced Threads. Resist posting "wrong forum!", "Reported!", "GTFO!", or anything of this nature in a misplaced topic. Let a moderator inform the thread creator why their thread was in violation. Posting in a misplaced thread only keeps it alive longer than necessary, and is considered spamming.
Reporting and You

Reporting is a vital part of keeping the Harry Potter forum in good shape. You don't need a prefect's badge to report correctly!

    User Image -- The Report Thread button is used to report an entire topic. Use this button to report misplaced or spam threads. Do not use this button to report single posts within a thread.

    User Image The Report Post button is used to report individual posts in a thread. Use this when you come accross a post that needs to be removed in an otherwise acceptable thread.

    Reporters also have the option of PMing non Terms of Service violating threads to Moderator Assistants. Terms of Service violations, and content requiring immediate attention can be PM'd to any moderator from any forum who is online.

-Complete List of Admins, Mods and Helpers
-Taking Screen Caps: ALL Platforms. DIALUP BEWARE!(many imgs)

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