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Which of the spells used in both the books and the movies was your favorite? For me, my favorite is Expecto Patronum, because I like the fact that you can use it on Dementors and that it is in the form of an animal! biggrin
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Because who doesn't want to know what goes on in other people's heads?
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I like the same one that you like.
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Accio, Wouldn't have to get up to retrieve anything
Alohomora, Who needs open sesame???
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I like too many to pick one.
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I have a few:
Expecto Patronum
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Depulso (banishing charm) - cleaning made easy
Impervius - never again soaked in rain
Ascendio - no more standing on chairs and ladders!
Confundo - to throw people off track.
Erecto - ... honestly, it just sounds so suggestive that I have to love it.
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Accio, Wouldn't have to get up to retrieve anything
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Reducto or Confringo-->I think that's the fire one, right? (I love me some violence lol~) xD
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I just love the way it rolls off the tongue.
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Reducto or Confringo--&I think that's the fire one, right? (I love me some violence lol~) xD

Well, they're both maiming at least - Reducto is for blasting something into pieces and confringo causes outright explosions so that one involves fire.

Accio... cz im a lazyass
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There are several that I like but Expecto Patronum is my favorite.
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Petrificus Totalus!
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